Standardize app analytics and measurement across platforms with Cross-App Analytics

Successful app owners have realized that knowing how your users interact with your apps across multiple apps and platforms is critical to driving app ROI. After all, if your brand, content strategy and app development is being delivered across multiple platforms, shouldn’t your measurement be cross-platform as well?

Today Localytics is excited to release Cross-App Analytics, a new way to compare cross-platform user analytics data in real-time from the same reporting view.

There are two challenges today:

  1. App ROI is intrinsically linked to providing a consistent app experience that continues to surprise and delight the user.

  2. Too often standardized app analytics data, for apps that are present across multiple platforms, is inactionable or unavailable (iOS, Android, Web).

Today, we solve both of these problems. In the spirit of helping you deliver more consistency across the app user lifecycle and making your app data more actionable across platforms, we’ve developed Cross-App Analytics.

We believe that changes made across apps should not be made in a vacuum, whether they are decisions taken to tweak an app’s UI or decisions made around the introduction of a new creative content strategy for in-app messages. Cross-app comparison data can help inform the right change.

Crystalize how you view users across multiple apps

Understanding whether customers are more active in one app over another is a valuable insight for app owners. This allows you to monitor your app's trends and performance so you can take steps to improve engagement and monetization efforts.

To gain this game-changing insight and harmonize engagement efforts across all of your apps you can select up to 3 apps for comparison in Localytics by using a simple multi-app selector.

Multi-app selector allows for up to 3 apps to be selected.

By simply checking the boxes of the apps you wish to view, you are combining analytics reports at the push of a button and gathering app usage data across multiple apps. This gives you more time to extract valuable insights from the cross-app data.

In addition to selecting up to 3 apps at once, the toggle shown below provides two ways to view app usage reports for these apps. They can be viewed in ‘Split’ or ‘Aggregate’ mode.

Toggle offers a ‘Split’ or ‘Aggregate’ view of selected apps

Let’s take a look at each of these modes and how they can be effective when it comes to giving you a holistic view of your apps’ performance across multiple platforms.

Aggregate Mode

In a digitally diverse universe, ‘Aggregate’ mode offers you a chance to look at the overall performance of your apps across the channels you select. Right from the Usage section of the  Localytics Dashboard it displays high-level combined totals for valuable metrics like Sessions, Avg. Session Length, Unique Users & New Users.

This is particularly helpful to marketers who are trying to evaluate how their brand might be performing across more than 1 platform. This feature is also good for validating whether or not seasonality is something you need to consider when it comes to your app business, for example the Boston Red Sox can clarify whether April-October sees a much higher session count vs. November-March.

As an app marketer for an ecommerce app you can also use ‘Aggregate’ mode to see what usage patterns look like across all of your digital assets during a promotional event or during the holidays. Having access to a tool like this allows you to establish benchmarks and improve app engagement, quality of content and overall app health.

Split Mode

While it is important to get a bird's eye view of all of your apps at once, we understand that app owners also like to dig deeper for more granular insights relating to their apps. We are excited to offer ‘Split’ mode so you can monitor specific app trends for each app and see how well each of your apps are performing compared to one another.

‘Split’ mode is a powerful tool that enables app owners to quickly determine app performance in order to allocate critical resources that can boost app health, refine content strategy and drive user engagement. Each selected app is represented on the chart by a different color which clearly displays eye-catching trends that might have occurred during the selected time period.

To help standardize measurement across platforms, pop-up windows also appear when hovering over certain metrics in the cross-app stats section above the chart. By hovering the cursor over the new users section of the media app, you can quickly see the new user ‘value difference’ between this app and the other two apps that have been selected for comparison.


Pop-up window shows comparative stats for selected apps

Using this tool in a closed beta recently run by Localytics, Ross Worby, Senior Product Owner at Virgin Pulse was able to quickly determine the most common user engagement patterns.

Having a cross-app view of their apps showed that iOS users were more active than desktop users at certain times of the day. Unveiling these key insights helped the marketing team develop the right messaging strategy across platforms to ensure they reached the right user, on the right device at the right time.

At Localytics we understand what it takes to engage users and drive app ROI. For app marketers today it is vital to deliver content and experiences that resonate with each and every user. Cross-app analytics provides a simple way to standardize how you measure user behavior across multiple apps and platforms, so that you can drive consistency in across your user experience.

Get Started with Cross-App Analytics

Cross-app analytics will be available over the course of the next few weeks at no extra cost to each and every customer that integrates the Localytics SDK.

Download the Beginner's Guide to App Analytics by Localytics