6 Mobile Marketing Stats Every Media + Entertainment App Needs to Know [NEW EBOOK]

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Media and entertainment apps, you're special. (You probably already knew that.) Your users don't engage with your app exactly like they would if they were, say, getting new shoes, so you need to take a different approach to your mobile marketing. That's why we put together a handy list of the 6 stats and tips you need to know, and the insights you can take away from them. (Or, skim the stats and go straight to the free eBook waiting for you at the bottom of this post. We don't mind.)


1. Users who open a push notification have 2x the monthly sessions of those who don't.



Here’s what you do: Adding images or gifs to your push notifications is one of the best ways to help your message stand out! It’s cliche, but it has to be said: a picture’s worth a thousand words.


Add images or gifs to your push notifications.

 We can't say it enough; images and video are worth the extra effort.

2. 38% of users are still using media/entertainment apps one month after downloading.


Here’s what you do: That’s high for apps overall, but there’s tons of opportunity there. You may only have one session to engage your user, so make it count: try optimizing your onboarding to get users to the features they care about, faster.


3. 3 of the top 6 fastest growing mobile app categories (in terms of time spent) were media or entertainment apps: sports, music, and general entertainment.


Here’s what you do: There’s an audience out there for your app--don’t miss out on your chance to get ahead of the rest of the market. How? Stay laser focused on your value prop and what differentiates you from the crowd.


4. Sports apps have 118% higher user engagement with push enabled.


Here’s what you do: Sports apps, you need to make the push notification ask one of the biggest priorities in your user experience. The best way is to do that: 1. Integrate it into your onboarding 2. Make it clear to users why they should when you do ask. (Here’s a closer look at how to use in-app messages to get permission.)

5. 89% of users prefer to access media via apps.


Here’s what you do:
You don’t have to sell your users on apps. You have to create an experience that meets their needs, and their expectations. Understand what people care about most when they use your app, and confirm your hypothesis with testing and analytics.



6. Media & entertainment apps dominate early morning and late night usage.


Here’s what you do: Use this kind of data to help guide your messaging timing. When you’re trying to bring users back into your app, you want to focus your messaging on the times they’re most likely to want to. (Second tip: refer back to your own reporting to find other times your users are more likely to be using your app.)


The Skimm gets that users want to hear what's happening in the world and are more engaged in the morning, so right from the get-go they show how their app can serve that need.


There’s a lot more for media and entertainment apps where that came from.

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