Supercharge Your Facebook Ad Spend: Why Event Postbacks Matter

At Localytics, we strive to provide our customers with the best tools to manage and optimize their mobile user acquisition efforts. Today, we’re excited to announce the release of Facebook Event Postbacks, a new capability to help our customers collaborate more closely with the largest mobile user acquisition partner.

Event postbacks allow you to give your acquisition partners even more insight into whether your campaigns are driving the business results you need -- by going “beyond the install” to measure in-app conversion events like purchases or subscriptions.

We’re enabling Facebook Event Postbacks today, and we plan to set up additional acquisition partners in the coming weeks.

How does your funnel look?

Acquiring new users for your app is hard in today’s rapidly-maturing mobile ecosystem. Some experts on mobile marketing suggest that app publishers think about user acquisition with a funnel that ends with the app download:


However, for most of our customers, acquiring new users is just the first step. An incredible diversity of business models -- freemium, subscription, platform-based, and many others -- have emerged in the mobile ecosystem.

One common element to all of these strategies is the importance of building a highly-engaged end user base. There are very few successful mobile apps today where the most important conversion event is the app-install. The Localytics App Stickiness Index shows that only around 15 percent of new users are still active in a given app three months later -- so every opportunity to deliver a differentiated first experience and enhance engagement is critical.

Marketers want new users who subscribe, complete in-app purchases, rate their app on the iTunes or Google Play Store, and drive growth by sharing an app with their friends:


So what? So the bottom of your funnel (aka your conversion goal) is probably not an install.

Track what matters

Today's status quo in user acquisition focuses heavily on measuring how often the users who click your app-install ads go on to install and run your app. And Localytics offers several ways for customers to attribute new users to a paid acquisition source and campaign, and to postback that attribution to the relevant acquisition partner.

Tracking installs, and sharing install data with your acquisition partners, is still critically important, but it's only a first step. To supercharge your user acquisition efforts, you should also share conversion events with your acquisition partners so that they can help you optimize around the in-app events that you care about.

Giving your partners access to event postbacks helps you hold your acquisition partners accountable for what really matters -- driving new user growth that results in downstream conversions in your app.

Every mobile-focused marketer hopes that the new users acquired through paid channels will be surprised and delighted by their app. Unfortunately, your mileage may vary -- some acquisition sources and campaigns will inevitably yield more engaged users than others. If your acquisition partners don’t know whether the end users they’re delivering are “good users” or “bad users,” they can’t possibly help you accomplish your user acquisition goals.


Several of the most sophisticated acquisition partners have begun to build robust ad targeting capabilities. These partners can programmatically incorporate conversion data to help you drive better performance -- learning what works and what doesn’t, and applying that insight for your benefit.

How it works

Event postbacks enable you to designate specific in-app conversion events on a per acquisition source basis. After you acquire a new user from an acquisition partner, Localytics will “post back” to that partner when the user completes a conversion event.

How could this help you?

Let’s say you run two campaigns: one aimed at New England Patriots fans and one aimed at New York Giants fans. Both campaigns acquire new users at a similar cost.

However, the users you acquire from your Pats campaign look very different -- they spend twice as much time in your app and they complete in-app purchases at three times the rate of your Giants users.

With data on app-installs, the two campaigns look identical to your acquisition partner.

With event postbacks, your acquisition partner can immediately determine that the Pats campaign is giving you better results -- and help you tailor your marketing efforts accordingly.

Why Facebook?

We’re launching this capability initially with Facebook as an expansion of the value Localytics provides as a Facebook Mobile Measurement Partner (MMP). Facebook has emerged as the dominant mobile user acquisition platform, accounting for over one-third of U.S. display ad revenue in 2014 according to a recent study by eMarketer.

Facebook Event Postbacks are available to any customer using our Attribution dashboard. Unlike some of our competitors, Localytics offers this capability without a per-event charge -- and if you currently acquire new users through Facebook, we think you should try it out now.

We plan to expand the acquisition partners available for event postbacks in the coming weeks and months based on your feedback. Please contact your Localytics Account Manager to learn more about this feature, and to let us know if there's other integrated ad networks that we should look into setting up postbacks to.

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