How to Tag Mobile Apps With Events & Attributes - Whiteboard Wednesday

Localytics Director of Solutions Engineering, Lee Isensee, describes how and when to use events and/or attributes to tag specific characteristics of your app.



Hi. I’m Lee Isensee, Director of Solutions Engineering, here at Localytics, and thank you for joining another Whiteboard Wednesday. Today we’re going to be speaking about the importance of events and the attributes associated with them. The important thing to keep in mind when working with events is really what they mean to your application. The simple way that I like to think about them are events are the verbs of your application. Attributes, on the other hand, are the nouns of your application. What are the behaviors and what is the contextual information that goes along with that behavior?


Understanding Events & Attributes In Daily Life


So here you can see we have a very handsome person with a beard jogging. So here the event for this person is the behavior of running, but not only is this person running but we want to know some information about what they’re doing or where they are while they’re running. So, in this particular case this person is running in Boston and they’re, as you see, in a park. Now it’s great we not only understand what the person is doing, and where they are, within Boston in a specific park; but we might want additional information such as how long were they running or how fast. So here we can pass along information such as 45 minutes and 4 miles per hour. Now we understand that this particular person was running in a Boston Park for 45 minutes running about 4 miles per hour. It’s really simple to think about if you want to phrase it like a sentence.


Tagging Apps Based On A Simple Sentence


So here we can see we have a frame for what the behaviors are in our application. Let’s think about this from a social media application. Perhaps I was sharing. What did I share? A video about baseball on, say, Twitter regarding, of course, the person’s in Boston so we want to talk about the Red Sox. So here when I think about my events and attributes, I can think about them simply like a sentence. In this case, I shared a video about baseball on Twitter regarding the Red Sox.


Letting User Behaviors Guide Your Associations


So it’s really important to think about when moving through your mobile application how you’re designing it. Think through the behaviors that your users are taking and what is the information along with those behaviors, and if you can explain it in a sentence you’re a great way along having to tag your application to get the most out of your analytic solution. My name is Lee Isensee. I’m Director of Solutions Engineering here at Localytics, and thank you for joining another Whiteboard Wednesday.


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