Test Smarter by Leveraging Custom Campaign Setup

Is it just us, or can app marketing feel overwhelming? Send too many push notifications and risk uninstalls. Send too few and risk being forgotten. Get the creative wrong for your audience and watch your click rates drop. Get it right and watch them double. There’s a delicate balance and it’s different for every app. How can marketers get it right?

At Localytics, we’re fortunate to work with and learn from some of the world’s most successful app marketers.  If there’s one thing that sets the top marketers apart from the rookies, it’s this: they never miss an opportunity to test.

Today, we’re introducing new campaign setup options that will enable all marketers to run smarter tests. Now, you can control how your app marketing creatives get distributed to each campaign’s audience by leveraging two new setup options:

  1. Adjust the total reach of a campaign as a percentage of a target audience

  2. Adjust the distribution of each creative within a campaign’s reach audience

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Successful marketers know that every campaign is a chance to learn something new and make their marketing even better the next time around. With the right tools for testing and measuring, anyone can become an expert on what marketing works in their app. Localytics is focused on providing those tools.

Three Ways to Leverage Custom Setup in Your Testing Strategy


“Beta Test” New Creative

Marketers come up with a lot of bold, wacky, potentially game-changing ideas. Sadly, many of those ideas don’t see the light of day because the risk of trying something new - especially in a message that will reach the home screens of thousands of app users - is too high.

Custom campaign setup solves this problem by allowing you to send a campaign to just a small part of your target audience. For example, if you have an idea for a new offer, but aren’t sure how it will land, you can test it first by sending it to just 5% of your target audience. If it fails, there’s no major cost to your brand. If it does well, you can share it more widely.

Run Small A/B Tests to Find Winning Creative First

As an app marketer, you have a limited amount of time (and limited screen size) to get noticed by your customers. You don’t want to waste that screentime with underperforming creative. What if you could tell which creative would perform best before it reached most of your users?

Custom campaign setup makes this possible. Instead of running an A/B test to your entire target audience, you can first adjust campaign reach so that only a small percentage of your audience initially receives the campaign - let’s say 10%. 

Once you determine the results from this test, you can edit your campaign to send the winning creative to the remaining 90% of your audience.

This strategy ensures that most of your audience receives creative that has already been proven to work.

Continuously Optimize Recurring Campaigns

For long-running in-app or recurring push campaigns, testing doesn’t have to end after a winner is crowned from the first batch of creatives. Custom campaign setup makes it possible to continuously test new creatives as the campaign goes on in an attempt to find a new winner.

Using custom splits, you can continue serving the winning message to the majority of users, while introducing new creatives to a small percentage of the audience - think 80% for the winning version, 20% for the challenger. If the challenger performs poorly, you can cut it and substitute a new challenger. If it gains traction, you can begin testing it to a larger percentage of the audience to find out if you have a new winner.

This strategy enables you to keep your messaging fresh and continue to improve the performance of your app’s staple campaigns.


Where can I access the custom campaign setup menu in Localytics?


You can access the custom campaign setup menu directly from the Localytics Campaign Builder. In the Localytics Dashboard, go to the Messaging screen and click on New Push Campaign or New In-App Campaign.

Once in the campaign builder, select your target audience. (Note that your custom setup is created AFTER you select your target audience, and will not have any impact on the targeting criteria you choose). Go to Creatives and input up to 10 creatives for your screen. You can access the custom setup menu from this screen by clicking “Creative Setup” on the left side of your screen.

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What’s next?

Over the coming months we’ll be releasing more updates to our A/B and multivariate testing solution to make it even easier for you to test and optimize your campaigns. 


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