The 2016 Big in Mobile Marketing Recap [INFOGRAPHIC]

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2016, it’s time to say goodbye.



Taylor Swift says it better than we ever could.


Here at Localytics, we had some wonderful moments. Heck, this is the year our CTO Henry managed to eat 32 munchkins in one sitting! #Dreambig


He's talented at catching Munchkins, too.

More importantly, the mobile industry had some major moments. We (we being all of us in the mobile marketing game) realized we were in an engagement crisis, and we needed to do more to keep users coming back because our data was telling us 23% of apps were only opened once after downloading.

We saw individualized mobile user experiences become essential, and marketers took advantage. By the end of 2016, 75% of push notifications were segmented.

 And we learned that users would enable location services when they were offered real value, like for an awesome augmented reality game. (Pokemon Go, anyone?)

 If you haven’t yet integrated features like rich push and geofencing into your mobile strategy, no worries; our prediction is they’ll only get bigger in 2017.


Take a look at our full recap of the highlights and memorable mobile moments of 2016.

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What do you think the most exciting mobile trends of 2016 were?



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