The 5 Best Push Notifications We Received This Week

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Happy Friday. Another week in the bag. It’s hard to believe we’re reaching the midpoint of March. Because we’re in that awkward point of the year between winter and spring, I figured now would be a good opportunity to share some mobile app marketing inspiration with everyone. So without further ado, here are 5 awesome mobile app push notifications our team received this week:

1.) MIC’s News Update About Iceland:

mic iceland.jpg

Why it’s effective: Considering International Women’s Day was on Wednesday, Women’s rights are at the top of many people’s mind -- especially myself, a young woman in a male dominant tech world. Not only is this news highly relevant to me, it’s topical.


2.) Bumble’s International Women’s Day Shoutout:


Why it’s effective: Speaking of International Women’s Day, the Bumble mobile team nailed it with this engaging shoutout. Bumble’s entire app is founded on the idea of empowering women in the dating world, so it was a great opportunity to show some love to their female app users, and have some fun with it.

3.) Waze’s Rush-Hour Traffic Alert:


Why it’s effective: Anyone from Boston knows The Mass Pike (we don’t call it I-90) is killer during rush hour. But if you get this alert? That means it’s extra bad. Waze does a fantastic job of keeping users in-the-know about any traffic disruptions to their commute or travel plans. After all, there’s nothing worse than driving to work like Peter Gibbons:



4.) Hopper’s Flight Deal Alert:


Why it’s effective: Two of my siblings moved to the Tampa Bay area, so I’m constantly trying to scour the internet for cheap flights to visit. With Hopper, I don’t need to. They do the work for me, and all I have to do is book. Now, if only I could convince my siblings to pay for my flight…



5.) Dark Sky's Rain Alert:

Dark Sky.jpg

Why it’s effective: I’m a morning runner, and I’m constantly keeping my eye on the weather to see which days during the week are best to run. Because I live in Boston where the weather seems to change hourly, it’s hard to rely on forecasts from the night before. Dark Sky lets me know the moment it actually starts raining, so I can be prepared. Talk about adding value.


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