3 Ways Location-Based Data Can Benefit Your Mobile Strategy - Whiteboard Wednesday

Localytics Digital Marketing Specialist, Miles Branman, details three key advantages for marketers to incorporating location-based data within mobile and web apps.



Hello and welcome to another Whiteboard Wednesday episode. My name is Miles Branman, Digital Market Specialist here at Localytics; thanks for joining me.

Today I’d like to discuss three key advantages of incorporating geolocation data into your mobile and web applications.


Precisely Target In-App Ads

The first advantage would be more precisely targeted in-app ads. For both consumers and marketers, more locally-targeted ads can make for a better app experience. For consumers, that might make the app experience feel less spammy, because they’re not being advertised just anything and everything, they’re being advertised things that are local and relevant to them. For marketers, that might mean higher click-through rates, because those consumers are going through a discovery process of local goods and services, adding to their wealth of knowledge about what’s around them.

A good example of this might be two retail apps who are both advertising higher-end "natural" material goods. They would want to incorporate ads for affiliate stores that have that same natural and organic motto. The first app doesn’t incorporate geolocation data, so it doesn’t know where its consumers are in relation to its organic affiliate stores; it's advertising stores that may not be anywhere near their users. The other app does capture this kind of data, so it knows specifically where its users are in proximity to its stores, so it can advertise the stores that are nearby. Without location data, it's like the apple advertising the orange. You want to be the apple advertising the apple, so you've got to know where your consumers are.


Supplement Behavioral Data

The second thing I’d like to discuss is richer behavioral data. By capturing location-based data and combining that with your behavioral data, understanding the activity the users are experiencing within the app, it can mean a combined effort to segment your users.

An example of this can be a travel app who might discover when using its App Analytics platform that users in Tokyo are booking their hotel and flight reservations more towards the midday hours, whereas users in L.A. are booking their hotel and flight reservations more towards the morning hours. This level of granularity can lead to some engagement trends that this travel app can use in the future to engage at the right times based on the right location.


Improve Your User Profiles

The final thing I’d like to discuss is improved user profiles. With better user profiles, you can understand exactly where the user is in relation to the activities you want to promote through your app. Your app can become a venue for promoting in-person behavior at your brick and mortar stores.

A good example of this might be CVS, who is just opening up several new stores, and is wanting its app users to be driven to those stores specifically. By capturing geolocation data, CVS could then create a push notification to users in New York saying, "hey, come check out the new Lower East Side store that we’ve opened up". Meanwhile, CVS can send a different push notification to users in Boston about a new store that’s opening up in the Seaport district.; two very different messages that wouldn’t be possible without geolocation data.



To recap today, the three things I wanted to talk about in terms of benefits for incorporating geolocation data are more personalized and effective in-app ads, better and richer behavioral data with that location-based additive, and finally, richer profiles; more developed profiles of users so you can target them as segments.

I encourage you to explore many more benefits from geolocation data, but I hope these three examples have better encapsulated some of the core benefits to incorporating this technology.

Again, my name Miles Branman, Digital Marketing Specialist here at Localytics. Thank you for joining us this week for Whiteboard Wednesday, and I hope to see you again next week.


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