The Dmexco Survival Guide: 4 Tips on How to Thrive and Not Just Survive

Read Time: 5 min

The annual dmexco conference in Germany is huge. Not huge in the way that people say “that was a huge sandwich” but huge in scale like a rainforest is genuinely huge. The scale of the show is enormous and so is the opportunity to make meaningful industry connections and to share great ideas with your contacts.

Like a rainforest, dmexco is densely packed with amazing things to see and exciting encounters around every corner.  It is also a playground for those of us (like me and the rest of the Localytics team) who love to learn and to share best practices in the space that we operate.

I've been a regular attendee as a delegate and exhibitor for many years, so I thought I’d share some of the combined wisdom I have collected over the years. I hope that you'll forgive me for continuing the rainforest analogy, but just as there are wondrous things to see you'll also find there are pitfalls like getting bitten by an aggressive salesperson who talks at you non-stop for 20 minutes about their “new and exciting product” before they even ask what you do.

Take comfortable shoes

You'll either be walking A LOT or standing up a fair amount of your day so dmexco is not the right time to put on those beautiful, handcrafted, Italian shoes that look amazing but start to pinch after an hour. Pack “the old favourite” shoes because you'll need them. On my last dmexco I clocked up 20,000 steps on one day and my feet were killing me because I didn't follow my own advice.

Be prepared to adjust on the fly

If you have pre-planned meetings (greatly advised) then save the mobile numbers of your contacts in your cellphone. This is real life which means that nothing runs exactly to schedule and you'll need to juggle your appointments with the dexterity of a Cirque du Soleil performer! 

Don’t skip out on the parties

There is more to dmexco than just the halls you visit. Personal relationships are the sinews that bind you to your network and you have to invest time in getting to know people on a personal level. So my advice is this - you are at dmexco for three days so slow down on your email responses and spend time at the after show parties. They are great fun and without a doubt most emails can wait a few hours while you make friendships that will last your career.

But don’t let your productivity suffer

The mornings are busiest and most productive at dmexco so make sure that you don’t “over hydrate” at the after show parties. There is enormous scope for mischief and for late nights to turn into early mornings. Red eyes are not a great look in the morning (pro tip: pack some eye drops).

This year we’re taking a different approach to dmexco. We’re traveling light, with a goal of making meaningful connections with conference attendees without being restricted to one area. You won’t find us standing behind a booth. We’ll be at the keynotes, walking around the exhibition halls and at all of the cool parties of course!

I encourage you to schedule time to connect with our team at dmexco. Get actionable advice on how to improve your mobile strategy from our mobile marketing experts.


Meet with Localytics at Dmexco 2017.