The Localytics Partner Program: Why Our Partnerships Matter


Partner relationships have always been a key component to Localytics. Whether it is a marketing agency understanding the needs of their clients or a complementary point solution integrating data in our platform, Localytics provides the key layer of analytics and unique mobile marketing capabilities needed to grasp customer needs and wants.  

Localytics Partner Program

As our company has grown we knew we needed a way to formalize how we interacted with our partners. Recognizing this has led to the creation of the Localytics Partner Program.

The Localytics Partner Program (LPP) is designed to provide a thorough understanding of the Localytics solution set.  Whether you’d like to become an Alliance Partner or a Technology Partner, we have a level that suits your needs.  Localytics already has outstanding relationships with key marketing agencies, development shops, ad networks and point solutions. By becoming a part of our partner program we not only enhance the Localytics reach, but also the brands of our partners.

Partnership Benefits

While Localytics offers a wealth of benefits for its partners, here are some key values the LPP will offer to your brand:

  1. Referral Bonuses: Any partner, whether Alliance or Technology, is able to earn commission on leads brought to our team that result in closed/won deals. While some channels choose to opt out of the referral benefits, the option of incentivizing your sales team creates greater client interaction and more qualified leads.  

  1. Co-Marketing Opportunities: A key goal in investing in your company’s partner strategy, is to gain recognition & prospect traction vis-a-vis your partner’s brand outlets. As a part of the LPP, we want to collaborate with our partners to create marketing assets to achieve these goals. Options include webinars, events, blog posts, infographics etc.  We want to creatively go to market together and love brainstorming!

  1. Early Product Access: As a part of every growing market, comes prospect & customer requests for, “What’s next?”, “How do we expand on this strategy?”. To help answer those roadmap questions, Localytics wants to bring you first access to beta programs and early information on products. We’ll equip your sales teams with thought leading and innovative product solutions.

How to Become a Partner

If you are not yet partnered with Localytics, we would love for you and your team to join the community by filling out the Partner With Us form on our website.  Our goal is to create a unique channel for partners to go to market - providing you with training, product information, and marketing collateral.  We are confident that working in tandem with other fantastic companies in our space will further our collective reach, impact and influence.

Join Us At Our Event!

Localytics is partnering with General Assembly to host a live speaking event “The App Ecosystem” on Wednesday, December 17th.  Hear from our CEO, Raj Aggarwal, Paul Krasinski the Senior VP of Business Development and Strategy at SessionM, Doug Williams the VP of Product at Runkeeper, and Ben Johnson the Director of Product Strategy at Raizlabs. Registration and attendance is free!

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