The Power of App Email Marketing + 15 Free Templates


When’s the last time you checked your email?

If you’re anything like the average American, you find yourself scanning through your inbox consistently throughout the day.

Email has fought up the ranks of communication technology over the last decade, much to the mailman’s dismay (or joy, depending on how he feels about his job).

Email is an inherent part of our daily lives, and it’s a great medium for apps to access. That’s why today we’re releasing a set of free email templates to help apps creating winning email campaigns.

Although email has been a lifeline into quick communication, in recent years we’ve become ever more obsessed with email, as phones have enabled us to see and respond to incoming emails with the same attention and immediacy as text messages (despite the damage to our productivity). Today, over 90% of smartphone users check their email on their phone at least once a day, and email has been highlighted as the most popular smartphone activity.

There’s certainly action happening inside the inbox, and yet many apps have been passing up the opportunity to reach users via email. That’s one heck of a mistake, since thoughtful, well-crafted app email marketing can be just as powerful as push or in-app messaging when it comes to activating and engaging with users.

Here’s the clincher: apps have access to TONS of hefty user data that web analytics can’t even come close to. When this data is harnessed to influence email campaigns, the results can be outstanding.

Email is definitely worth fighting for, but you may be wondering - what kind of emails should I be sending to my app audience?

You can send all kinds of emails to your app followers - emails with unique coupons, onboarding emails, emails with deals based off of your user’s past app activity, and much more!

To get you started on creating your epic email empire, we’re offering a collection of 15 Free Email Templates For Awe-Inspiring App Marketing! These templates will help you create killer email campaigns for winning over app users and provide instant inbox inspiration!

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