The World Wide App Manifesto

How to Win in a Brave, New, App-Driven World

Screen_Shot_2014-08-05_at_2.50.58_PMApps have become the primary way we interact with information. Globally, nationally and locally, app usage is not only growing; it’s dominating.

From the exceptional engineering happening at urban startups, to awesomely creative farmers selling sheep on Instagram in developing countries (see slide 15 - it’s a real thing), mobile and web apps now drive the world.

We know this is sounds like a grand claim to make, but the numbers don’t lie. Apps aren’t a fad, as many predicted they would be - instead, they’ve become an integral part of our day-to-day personal and professional lives.

But there’s a problem in this brave, new, app-driven world. With usage soaring, app downloads growing, and an abundance of options for users to choose from, too many apps go unnoticed. You need to be able to create a stand out experience that makes your app the go-to choice.

So what does that experience look like? And how exactly has the world become appified? To answer those questions, we’ve put together our own app manifesto. Click through it below or see it on Slideshare to see more about the explosion of apps, and why it’s necessary to make your app great.

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