These 8 Halloween Push Notifications Are a Treat for Users

Being mobile experts and kind of obsessed with all things mobile messaging, we've seen plenty of push notifications. And since push notifications are a direct communication with your users--typically, your most engaged users--we like to see brands take the opportunity to put a little personality right into their push notifications.

Holidays and seasonal events are your opportunity to stand out from the standard push notification copy, and help your users get to know your brand. Today, in honor of Halloween, we're highlighting 5 brands who treated their users to some creative push.


1. Fasten 

Fasten is a ride-sharing kicks off the themed push notification well in advance of Halloween, and for good reason: they know people are making plans for the weekend, and they have an offer that their users will want to keep in mind. 



2. The League

The League is a dating app that requires all potential users to be vetted by the team before being accepted, and receiving a certain number of matches a day. Every day new matches become available, but rather than send an robotic daily push notification alert, The League uses it as an opportunity to build on a fun, cheeky brand.

The League-Halloween.png



3. iHeartRadio

Emojis and a clear, to the point message tell users everything they need to know in iHeartRadio's Halloween-themed push notification. iHeart especially nailed the timing on this one: It was sent on October 27th, right before Halloween weekend, and most user Halloween celebrations.



4. Dominos

As a fan of pizza and marketing alike, I can always rely on Dominos to take advantage of how pizza's ability to be the perfect addition to any holiday or event. Here, they make sure users know that there's a deal available to make the choice for Halloween dinner even easier.



5. SoulCycle


SoulCycle has a strong brand identify, and maintains consistent push reminders about class registration and happenings at local studios. Lots of classes incorporate themes, and Halloween is no exception. With the effort the team puts into writing unique push notifications that are rarely (if ever) repeated, it'd be a missed opportunity to ignore the spookiest day of the year.





6. OpenTable

If you forgot to grab candy and now need to avoid angry trick-or-treaters, a nice dinner is probably the best way to do it. OpenTable also nailed the timing, too; here on the East Coast, this message arrived between 4 and 4:30pm EDT--right when we're starting to get distracted about what we're having for dinner.




7. Drizly

Drizly, you know your audience. They've beautifully summed up their entire value propisition with a Halloween twist. And once again, the timing was great--this push notification arrived in the late afternoon, right when people are starting to wind down work, and think about the festive evening ahead of them.



8. Uber

Here Uber's hoping to have a rider take a few additional actions: specifically, rating and complimenting their drivers. Adding a sense of fun to a user request can make a difference in increasing conversions. (There's a probably a user or two who's motivated by the idea of a leaving a creative "spooky" compliment.)





Do you appreciate a themed push that shows a brand's personality?



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