Customer Spotlight: UppTalk's Data-Driven Product Strategy

UppTalk is a cloud-based phone service, created to replace the default phone app and help people save on their phone bills by making free or affordable calls. The UppTalk app is available for iOS, Android and Windows Phone and is used by over 6 million people worldwide. In this post, Thiago Monteiro, Product Manager at UppTalk, discusses how he uses Localytics to track KPIs and drive product strategy.

As a product manager, I’m focused on making the UppTalk calling and texting experience naturally native and delightful for our customers. Localytics data allows me to run a fast product release cycle and make continuous improvement in the UppTalk app. Using Localytics, I have the tools to formulate the right questions (that are often created by the data I see) and search for relevant answers, enabling me to make and validate product changes as quickly as possible.

Based on my own experiences, I believe there are three key ways product managers should incorporate analytics into their product cycle:


Track KPIs daily


It’s important to monitor app usage on a daily basis to understand how key metrics are trending and to react quickly if anything is going wrong. I save my most important reports to my Custom Dashboard and get them automatically by email every morning. Before arriving in my desk I had a quick overview of the previous day. These include:

  • App usage split by new vs. returning users: Note any large variations in daily new users due to marketing campaigns or any bugs. Check that active users are returning to the app to ensure long-term retention and app health.
  • Daily cohort retention: See how daily retention is trending. Note any large variations that might occur as the result of a product update.
  • Daily number of users who have completed their first call, first text, or first group chat, split by new vs. returning users: Track key user behaviors. Measure success of new user onboarding based on activities completed during a users’ first session.


Validate product decisions


I rely on a combination of user feedback and app data to validate the changes we apply to the UppTalk app.

After analyzing the app’s usage data across our key markets, we recognized an opportunity to expand in the United States. We formulated new product positioning based on this data in order to better communicate with and improve the user experience for an American audience. We launched the new positioning along with some new social sharing features in January of this year. At the time the new app version launched, Americans accounted for just 30% of our total app usage. Six months later, usage in the US increased to over 65% of the total.

In Localytics we created a usage report split by country to track the performance of our updates. We could easily filter by app version to see that the release was a success and track conversion and KPIs in real-time.


Sessions by month split by country, with US represented in blue


Gain deeper insights from the data to determine next steps


Once I’ve established a goal for the next app update, I take a deeper dive into the data to determine action items.

To get a closer look at what UppTalk’s most engaged users are doing in the app I use Localytics event-based retention analysis, which allows me to view retention for users who did a specific event. I found that UppTalk users are more engaged after making their third call. This specific information changed completely how we think about user onboarding and the user’s first time experience.

We’re focused on streamlining the sign-up process to increase conversion from sign-up to a user’s first call in the app. Localytics Funnels are crucial to this process. Funnels enable us to analyze how UX changes of any size impact the conversion rate from sign-up to first call. By scientifically applying filters to the funnel, we’ve gained important insights, including how the user’s local time at sign-up influences their likelihood of making a call during that session.

Looking forward, we are planning to start using Localytics Push and In-App Messaging to engage users and teach them how to get the most out of the UppTalk app. We also plan to use Localytics Profiles to collect customer data, such as the number of credits a customer has, and target campaigns based on this information to help users to get more free calling minutes and save even more on their phone bills.

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