Watch Now: Mobile App User Segmentation Webinar

Localytics presented a webinar on Wednesday, Feb. 6th about how to better engage and convert your end-users in mobile apps using our new user segmentation feature. In the webinar, you can learn how to recognize the important steps in your app conversion funnel, segment users behaviorally, and personalize your in-app marketing campaigns to increase revenues and drive higher customer satisfaction. Explore the unique opportunities of interacting with your clients via mobile apps versus web channels.

Who should download this webinar:

  • Mobile product managers
  • Analytics managers and executives
  • Digital and interactive marketing managers and executives
  • Ecommerce managers
  • Any other data-driven roles who focus on client engagement via apps

You can download the user segmentation webinar here, and feel free to contact Localytics sales with any questions or to schedule a one-on-one demo of Localytics user segmentation.