Using Apps to Improve your In-Store Shopping Experience - Whiteboard Wednesday

Localytics' Julia Alvarez explains how brick-and-mortar retailers can leverage mobile apps to improve their customers' in-store shopping experience. Learn how to combat showrooming and make sure that your app is the one being used in your stores.



Hi, my name is Julia Alvarez, and welcome to another Localytics Whiteboard Wednesday. Today we’re going to talk about how bricks-and-mortar retailers can use branded mobile apps to create a better in-store experience.


Tie Your Loyalty Program to Your App

The first element of a mobile app that can help improve your shopping experience is understanding your users better. Many retailers have begun integrating their loyalty programs into their mobile apps, which not only gives insight into how mobile vs. non-mobile users shop in stores, but prompts users to actually use your app while shopping.

One main goal of retailers’ apps is to make sure that as much shopping app usage in their stores as possible is theirs.


Own Showrooming

On that note, retailers need to be owning the showrooming process. Like Pandora’s box, mobile commerce is here to stay, and retailers have to be aware that shoppers are going to use their mobile devices to research products in-store.

What’s important is to get as many people as possible to do their research on your app rather than a competitor’s or a pure ecommerce player.

One way to do this is with easy-access reviews and pricing transparency - if your app can scan a barcode or custom QR code on your shelves to immediately provide the shopper with reviews and pricing history, that provides users with both an improved in-store experience and less incentive to use other apps for their research.


Act on Your Insights

Taking that in-store research to the next level, your mobile app can be that last push to get a user to buy in the store. If analytics shows that a user has been scanning video cards, for example, you can use in-app messaging to push out a coupon for 10% off all video cards, good for the next ten minutes.

Again, this is a feature that benefits both you the retailer and your shoppers. You are able to take a likely or possible purchase and turn it into a completed purchase, and your shoppers have a better overall experience both in your store and in your app.

Let Them Buy In-App

Finally, don’t worry about what channel your in-store shoppers buy from, just work to make sure it’s one of yours. With geotagging you can tie an in-app purchase to a user who is currently in your store.

Your mobile commerce team shouldn’t compete with your stores. Instead, they should work together to give your shoppers a great, unified experience that ends with them purchasing what they want from you.

For more information, feel free to go to localytics dot com slash resources and download our Mobile Commerce for Retail best practices guide.

Again my name is Julia Alvarez, thank you for joining us for this Localytics Whiteboard Wednesday, and we look forward to sharing more valuable tips with you next week.

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