Verizon Powering 32% of All US iPhone 4s

Despite AT&T's nearly eight-month head start, Verizon has managed to capture nearly a third of the US iPhone 4 market. Mobile app analytics firm Localytics broke down all US iPhone 4 traffic to come up with the figure, as well as charting the Verizon iPhone's growth since its launch in February.

Localytics verizon-share pie graph

Summer has seen significant growth in Verizon's market share. After spending most of the spring at roughly the same share, Verizon has seen consecutive monthly jumps, grabbing 7% of the market for itself in May and June.

verizon growth chart

Why the recent uptick in Verizon adoption? One reason may be Verizon's unlimited data plan, which they are scheduled to do away with on July 7th. AT&T officially discontinued its unlimited data plan in mid-2010, although existing customers were allowed to keep their plan as long as they remained AT&T customers. We'll continue tracking the shift in iPhone 4 market share to see if Verizon loses momentum post-unlimited-data.

Although various outlets reported on response to the Verizon iPhone launch being lackluster, the network has managed to pull together a very respectable segment of the iPhone-using market. With rumors swirling about the iPhone 5 perhaps launching in September on multiple carriers, Verizon's recent market share gains may be a precursor of what is to come this fall.



Each month's market share number is based on the seven-day period leading up to the 1st of the month - therefore, numbers should be taken as market share on the first day of the stated month. Data is based on app usage as seen by Localytics.


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