[VIDEO] How Do You Organize Your Team for Mobile Success? 

Mobile’s important. But we won’t lie to you: it’s not necessarily easy. But when it works, it's worth it. You're seeing results like L'Oreal, with over 10 million loyal users, or Starbucks, with 27% of purchases taking place via their app. 

It takes the right mobile marketing--the push notifications, in-app messages, inbox experiences, and more. That takes the right mobile analytics. And to bring it together, you need a team that can effectively align all the pieces.  But what does this team look like?

Our head of sales and marketing, Lou Orfanos, has been thinking about this for a while.

And lucky for him, he’s surrounded by mobile experts who work with teams all over the world. So we could look at our own customer base, and see which teams saw better results with their mobile strategy.

This analysis told us something interesting: the teams that were consistently seeing better results with their mobile campaigns were cross-functional.

In our new video series, Mobile Minute, Lou explains the 3 common approaches to team structure we’ve seen, and compares the results of each.



Get more on Lou’s framework for organizing for mobile success in his column on Marketingland.




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