[VIDEO] What is Location-Based App Marketing?

Read Time: 5 min

Have you met Henry Cipolla?


Meet Henry. He's a co-founder and CTO at Localytics. That's a face you can rely on for mobile know-how.

 Henry’s a co-founder and CTO here at Localytics. He’s known for loving cars, his Yorkie Thane, and being endlessly fascinated (obsessed?) with the marketing and analytical capabilities of apps. He’s the kind of person you go to when you need expert input on mobile.

Around once a month, we’re producing a short video starring Henry and talking about the topics and trends that are on the minds of mobile marketers. Stuff like location services, how to get user personalization right, what apps need to do to increase retention--everything that keeps mobile marketers (and Henry) awake at night.

To kick off our inaugural episode, Henry's diving into why location services are critical for apps, the difference between beacons and geofences, and how you'll be using location in the future.