[VIDEO] The Future of Mobile

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Welcome back to a fresh episode of Hot Topics with Henry! We’re celebrating the end of our summer hiatus with a pretty big topic: The Future of Mobile. For a topic (and a comeback) as big as this, it made sense for Henry to bring in a few mobile experts. Luckily, an office like ours has plenty.



Want to know who you're hearing from before you commit to watching a video? Let me introduce:


Bryan Dunn | SVP, Product 

"The world is moving towards data, and that's where mobile's going to go."











Justina Perro | Head of Content Marketing

 "Instead of saying the future of mobile, I think of it as mobile is the future."












Matt Virzi | Strategic Accounts Manager


"Everyone's devices will be computing different things at different times to create supercomputers across devices."



Patrick Sanders | Product Manager


"We're going to move to a world where we're thinking about the holistic experiences that users have."



And of course, our trusty CTO Henry Cipolla weighs in too. 

I mean, it IS Hot Topics with Henry.



What did the team say last year? The Future of Apps, In Our Own Words 


One thing we noticed most of our participants mention: The notion of brand and user interactions becoming less about the device and channel, and more about the user themselves, and how they interact with the world--and brands like your--around them. The first step in that direction? Omni-channel marketing.



The Enterprise Guide to Omni-Channel Marketing