[VIDEO] The Hottest Mobile Marketing Topics at ENGAGE 2017

It’s safe to say ENGAGE is one of Henry’s favorite days of the year. I mean, here’s a guy who really loves talking about mobile marketing and analytics, and how companies are using them. Put him in a room with people who feel the same way, and well--watch the video to see how excited he gets.


ENGAGE covered all the big mobile topics marketers and app developers from companies like Babycenter, HSN, Soundhound and more care most about right now. But there were a few that definitely came up the most in the course of the day:










Artificial Intelligence (A.I).

Henry himself talked about A.I. in his session. He pointed out that while lots of brands call what’s technically statistical analysis A.I., it’s an entirely different kind of tool for marketers. Our keynote speaker, Tim Urban (TedTalk speaker and the man behind the Wait But Why blog) dedicated his talk to looking at how the outsize impact of A.I. will have on our future.


We’re all on board for personalization by the point, but how are mobile teams actually making it work for their users? Babycenter creates hyper-targeted mobile experiences thanks to a few key user data points that they build their registration and onboarding process around. By prioritizing this crucial data from the beginning of their interactions with users, Babycenter sets the stage for more targeted user experiences early on.

Omni-channel marketing and mobile.

None of the experts at ENGAGE talked about mobile without taking into account the need to integrate mobile into your larger multi-channel strategy. The challenges and advantages of sharing data across your marketing stack, measuring omni-channel ROI--mobile marketers haven’t quite figured it all out yet, but we’re getting there fast.

The best events bring passionate people together to talk about what really matters to them--the small wins and the movements taking shape. That's what we strive to do with ENGAGE. Check out all the sessions from this year’s event here.



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