[WEBINAR] How to Use Behavioral Tactics for Push Notifications

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You know what’s better than a conversation with one marketing expert? A conversation with TWO marketing experts. Lucky for us, our friends over at Bounce Exchange agree--and that's how our upcoming webinar, Behavioral Tactics for Push Notifications, came into being.

Behavioral Tactics for Push Notifications Webinar




Web Vs. Mobile Push Notifications: What's the difference?


Web push notifications are messages created for your website audience. Once visitors opt in, they can receive messages from your brand whether or not they're still exploring your site. 

Mobile app push notifications are sent from your app to appear on your user's mobile device lock screen. Users only see them when they're not currently using the app. (When you message users who are currently using your app, you're sending in-app messages.)

They're both important. They both work with the right strategy behind them. And when brands don't use them well, they risk annoying their users--instead of building mutually beneficial long-term relationships.


Behavioral Tactics for Push Notifications


From the Localytics, Head of Product Marketing Aaron Sawitsky will be covering how to create effective push notifications for mobile apps, while BounceX Director of New Product Innovation Miquel Ferrandiz will take on the best practices and strategies for web push notifications.

What makes a push notification effective, for web AND mobile? Aaron and Miquel will look at the tactics that can drive better conversions for your web and mobile push notifications, like:


What determines the right length? Do industry or type of message have an impact? 


What's the right copy and language for mobile, and what resonates in web? 


Broadcast messages on mobile and web alike are a sure way to alienate your users. So how do you make them personalized, and how do these efforts pay off?


How should you use user behavior to drive your push notification strategy?

Big questions. But with Aaron and Miquel, there's more than enough expertise there to take it on.

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UPDATE: This webinar already took place, but you can check out the recording here.