What Big Brands Can Teach You About Increasing Your App's Revenue - Guest Post

Launching an app is only the first step to success. You may have gained thousands of new users but without knowing who these people are and how they use your app, you are effectively flying blind.

The good news is you can now get more revenue and attract more users by looking deep within. Big brands use data-mining techniques to increase revenues by spotting trends, tailoring advertising campaigns to target specific customer habits and identifying the most productive social forums for promotional efforts. And you can learn from them. You already have access to the data because it is within your app just like in the case of Voxy who doubled user retention by understanding the data gathered using the Localytics platform

Here are three ways the hidden gems in your app’s data can help you.


The hidden value in your users’ demographic profile

Studying the people who use your apps helps you craft advertising campaigns that target potential customers more effectively. If most of your customers come from France, then you can target French blogs, European magazines and local newspapers in the country. A heavily female client demographic profile might suggest advertising on Pinterest, targeting blogs that deal with raising children or running ads in popular women's magazines.

The North Face retailer, popular among outdoors enthusiasts, mountain climbers and hikers, targets a very specific customer demographic. The company's location-based app helps customers find the company's nearest store and hiking trail. The app also keeps track of elevation, hiking speed and distance traveled. Tracking customers' habits makes it easy to identify effective advertising forums for North Face promotional campaigns.


Identify Features that Customers Use

Find out which features your customers use and strengthen them. You can eliminate unpopular features that customers do not want or seldom use. People do not mind spending money on apps if they provide great value, and friends, colleagues and social media buzz help to persuade people to download useful apps. Clever app marketing builds trust and authority, so fine-tuning your apps is critical to keep them relevant and support brand marketing.

Mobile marketing and analytics screenshot

The image above shows a screenshot of the Localytics dashboard for a GPS Tracker app. The platform tracks the number of times a user completes a trip which obviously points to frequently used feature of the app.

The Reebok app helps to brand the popular shoes, but it only delivers its message if customers like the play-lists that the app compiles. If the app does not adjust for current trends in music, then customers do not receive the branding message. Delivering value has made the Reebok app extraordinarily popular among its targeted clientele.


Identify Your Best Customers by Channels

Certain customers tend to use different social media forums. But not all social media channels are created the same. For example, business owners use LinkedIn and young adults more likely use Twitter or Facebook. The fast-growing Pinterest forum enjoys great popularity with women in the prime age group that many companies target for their advertising messages. Also, analyzing which devices people use can help you find out what platforms to target with your advertising or where to focus with your development efforts. For example, the charts below

The Zippo lighter company was able to tap into a new generation of customers by emphasizing the benefits of using Zippo lighters at concerts. The free iTunes app became popular among young people despite the dangers of smoking and bans on smoking in public places. Zippo reached new consumers by targeting the youth market with virtual lighters and the steadily burning characteristics of the original product.


Study Your Customers, there is no reason not to

I hope you now know how much value there is in the data you collect from your app. Mobile advertising has become increasingly popular among all kinds of businesses, and Smartphone apps offer brand marketing, ad-supported promotions, useful services for favored-client demographic profiles and convenient in-application micropayments for company brands and services. Users have wide choices of brands, mobile apps and online resources, so companies need to study how their customers use these apps to strengthen their overall advertising strategies, choose appropriate advertising forums and make necessary updates and enhancements.

Effective brand marketing includes either sponsoring an application or joining other media that promote in-application app marketing strategies. App developers understand this trend and offer custom-tailored app solutions for all types of businesses. Creating an app only starts the process, and companies only get the maximum benefits by mining data and using the information to create more effective advertising campaigns.

BYLINE: This is a guest post from Tope Abayomi, Founder of App Design Vault. He believes having a good design is the best way to stand out in the App store. Watch this video to learn how to give your app a facelift in 12 minutes.