Why You Should Include Snapchat In Your App User Acquisition Strategy

Read Time: 5 - 10 min

"Every failed developer has an app. What failed developers don’t have are customers."

That quote is from the excellent business book “Traction.” The main lesson there was to think about marketing as soon as you begin working on your app. When it comes to user acquisition, there are lots of things an app developer can do: search ads, PR, and the latest and hottest trend: social media. By that, most people mean Facebook and Instagram. But you’re seriously missing out if you’re not paying attention to Snapchat.



A lot of people think that Snapchat is dead since Instagram copied their features. But as Gary Vaynerchuk mentions in his Clickfunnels keynote:

Holy f**k, Snapchat’s ad product is so underpriced because all these people think it’s dead...there’s no other platform on Earth--not Youtube and Facebook combined--that can get someone under 30 to watch a 3 minute video continuously even remotely close to Snapchat.


I couldn’t have said it better myself.

What makes Snapchat so great?


Young audience.


It’s the under 30 demographic (young people and teenagers) that have a large say in what ends up trending online nowadays. If you want to reach this younger demographic, Snapchat is the right space to be in: 41% of Snapchat’s users are in the 18-34 age group.


High engagement.

Unlike Facebook and Instagram, there’s no feed to scroll through at the speed of light on Snapchat. On Snapchat the content occupies the entire screen and demands your attention because it will disappear in 24 hours. Yes, almost the entire world is on Facebook and Instagram--the latter has 800 million users, and the former over 1.33 billion-- but the ones who are on Snapchat are actually paying attention to what is in front of them.


Direct Snapchat traffic.


For a while it wasn’t possible  to link out from Snapchat and drive your audience to a landing page or an app page--a major problem for mobile marketers. That’s all changed. Now everyone can attach links to their Snaps, putting Snapchat on a level playing field with the big boys like Facebook and Instagram. There’s a big opportunity for brands to partner up with Snapchat influencers and have them send their audience to your app.


Still affordable.


Facebook and Instagram are maturing as advertising platforms, they are literally running out of places to place ads and the cost of advertising there is rising steadily. On the other hand, Snapchat is massively underpriced right now. As Gary Vaynerchuk put it:


…it’s only $2.80 CPM to get in front of everybody who is under 30 in the world…and holy sh*t, the swipe up conversions are so f****ing incredible.


Unlike Facebook and Instagram, Snapchat is a relatively pure environment. It hasn’t been bombarded by endless ads. For example, one of the campaigns we ran on Snapchat for an app called Tunemoji managed to achieve a CPI of only £0.20 ($0.27) and became the #1 Trending App in the US App Store from a single Snapchat campaign.


Tunemoji gained more users via Snapchat ads.

So why haven't more companies taken to Snapchat for their advertising campaigns?


Too young of an audience?

For the long time Snapchat was primarily popular among teenagers. That’s a limited audience, even though that is quickly changing. Around 1/3rd of adult Snapchatters are parents and 50% of new Snap users in the US are over 25.


“Odd and restrictive” platform

  • Unlike Facebook and Instagram, there no profile pages on Snapchat.
  • No hashtags.
  • Why create a Snap only for it to disappear?
  • You have to condense your message in 10 second clips.

And so on.


However, it is precisely these restrictive features that seduce its users to its platform and set it apart from every other social media platform out there.

There are (of course) challenges, but at a time when most firms allow these “challenges” to scare them off, you can take advantage and start telling your story in an environment that commands a lot of attention, for an extremely low price.


Thanks for telling us why Snapchat works for mobile user acquisition, Miri! Check out the Fanbytes blog for more on Snapchat advertising.