Windows 8 Analytics Introduction - C# and Javascript

After selling 60 million Windows 8 licenses to date, the touch-centric operating system has continued to grow, and app developers have a unique opportunity to create apps that work both with Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 and its desktop OS, Windows 8.

The crossover nature of Windows 8 has surprised some developers - write one set of code and, with minimal effort, you have an app for phone, tablet and desktop. This presents a much larger potential audience than Microsoft’s prior mobile Windows offerings. Whether the app store approach to distribution catches on for desktops remains to be seen and will determine whether Windows 8’s crossover potential is worth developers investing in.

For those who choose to explore the mobile, tablet and desktop crossover that is Windows 8, Localytics has supported Javascript app analytics since April 2012 and launched C# support this month. Both languages are considered native by Windows 8 and have access to distribution via the Windows Store. By integrating Localytics’ Javascript app analytics or C# app analytics SDK into a Windows 8 app, developers and marketers can see what platforms, features and versions generate the best ROI and user engagement.

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