Apple iOS UDID Banned & Localytics' Commitment to Privacy

Over the recent months Apple has taken a firmer stance with regards to the privacy of their mobile device users. With previous versions of their mobile Operating System an identifier was made available that allowed companies to uniquely identify the device that could then be used, when joined with other information, to compromise the privacy of the user. With the release of iOS 5 Apple deprecated the identifier (UDID) but had not removed it from the Operating System, which allowed developers to continue to leverage the identifier until it was to be completely removed.

The deprecation of UDID made it clear that Apple was looking to make it more difficult for mobile apps to backtrack to an individual. After the deprecation of UDID a couple mobile applications not only continued to use UDID but passed the value in the clear which was not taken well by Apple and many of those applications started to be rejected from the App Store.

On March 21st, 2013 Apple declared their final stance regarding UDID which is “Starting May 1, the App Store will no longer accept new apps or app updates that access UDIDs".


Localytics' commitment to privacy and best practices

At Localytics, we are strongly committed to delivering the best possible user experience, delivering exceptional value to our customers while adhering to privacy best practices. When Apple made it evident that using UDID and passing it in the clear was something that they were no longer going to allow Localytics immediately responded with an updated SDK that continued to allow customers to gather the behavior of the app users without running the risk of passing the sensitive information in the clear.

In response to Apple's final stance regarding UDID this week, Localytics was ready with an updated SDK within hours that eliminated any reference to UDID. We've modified the SDK in a way that allows our customers to continue to use the industry's best mobile app analytics and marketing solution while staying compliant with the guidelines put in place by Apple.

For users of iOS 6, Localytics continues to take advantage of the latest methods made available by Apple for identification. To ensure that you get the best understanding of your users and to take advantage of all the new functionality provided by Localytics, we recommend that you always use the latest version of the Localytics SDK.

The Localytics iOS SDK, implementation documentation, and best practices can be found at