Vote for our SXSW Session: How to Win in a Brave New App-Driven World

You may have noticed we recently published “The World Wide App Manifesto.” My co-founders and I started Localytics in 2008 because we believed in the massive potential of apps and their ability to be one of the most engaging forms of digital media. Today, the data showing the strength of apps exists, and in the Manifesto, you'll learn why apps are the dominant form of digital media and what this means for businesses and their customers. 


The implications for marketers, businesses and developers are huge.

Apps are fundamentally different than all other interaction models in digital. They are personalized to the people who are using them, they feel like two way conversations, and they help people complete a well-defined task, easily and successfully. Take a minute and compare this to your standard web experience, which feels one-sided, may be personalized based on a persona but not to a person, and is multiple pages and click-throughs deep, offering many use cases to the end-users.


While apps will be the dominant choice, they won’t be the only form of digital media. 

Apps will never be the only form of digital media to exist. But what will happen, what IS happening, is that people expect their experience on other channels to be more app-like, to be personal, bi-directional and useful. They also expect their experience in apps to feel seamless with their interaction on other digital channels.


When you boil down these expectations to familiar terms, it’s a mix of digital strategies that can feel challenging: personalization, relevancy, engagement, multichannel.

And we can’t forget “mobile.” Apps came to the forefront of our experience with the growth of mobile devices, which are continuing to grow with global adoption of smartphones and tablets and improvements in connected experiences in homes and cars. Mobile also brings us a whole new set of data and information, adding on to the big amounts of data we already get through our digital channels. 

Personalization, relevancy, engagement, omnichannel, mobile, data.

That’s a lot of big words and strategies to think about, and it can feel overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to be.


We want to present our step-by-step model for tackling these digital strategies at SXSW, showing you how to win in the brave, new, app-driven world.

Our model is based on insights from the mobile app channel. After 6 years of building the most powerful analytics and marketing platform for apps, we have a lot to share. We’ll start with a deep dive into why people prefer apps, move into the metrics that matter, discuss how to segment and data to deliver personalized, targeted experiences, and end with tying it all into an omnichannel strategy.  

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Vote for our SXSW session, or check out The World Wide App Manifesto to learn more.