Happy New Year!

If there was still any debate whether the Year of Mobile had yet to arrive, then 2011 was finally the year. Smart phones have completely replaced feature phones; not yet in raw numbers but certainly in mind share.

Over 28 billion apps have been downloaded. Apple iOS and Google Android received big updates. And sadly, we lost Steve Jobs.


Apps Expand and Evolve

Apps for all those smart phones continue to be insanely popular with Apple reporting 18 billion downloads for iOS and Google reporting 10 billion downloads for Android. Apps also expanded far beyond their “mobile” heritage. iPads and other tablets may still be considered mobile, but many rarely leave the house. Then there are smart TVs, smart appliances and whatever else we’ll see emerge at consumer electronics shows next year.

The way apps are built and monetized continues to evolve too. In-app purchases and subscriptions are now very popular and successful additions to free, paid and ad-supported models. App publishers are also exploring new development languages and distribution models by adding HTML5 to the already popular Objective-C and Java.

We won’t offer yet another list of predictions for 2012, but we’re more excited than ever about the opportunities for apps and the role Localytics can play.


Thank You and Looking Forward to Next Year

All of us at Localytics want to thank our customers and partners for helping to push our business forward in 2011.

Cheers to an incredible 2011 and an even better 2012!