Great Participation and Insights during Localytics European Mobile Success Tour

Localytics European Mobile Success Tour 2014

We’ve just completed our first-ever European Mobile Success Tour, hosting meetings and events in London, Paris, Barcelona, and Berlin. It was a week full of exciting discussions about what mobile success looks like today and what it will look like in the future, with great insights coming from both speakers and attendees.

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Mark Johnson of Avios (left) and Saalim Chowdhury of Trinity Mirror (right) speak at the London event

We recently quantified why Europe represents a huge opportunity for companies with a mobile presence. During the tour, we validated this through our many conversations with leaders in the mobile marketing and analytics space who were happy to share their thoughts and challenges. Two of the main themes and takeaways from these conversations were:


Mobile marketing means direct engagement

  • The conversation has shifted away counting app downloads and even counting just app ‘events’. Companies wanted to know who did what, and when and for how long were their app sessions.
  • App marketing is more than just acquisition campaigns and automation. Savvy marketers want intelligent tools such as sophisticated segments, engagement indicators of users in-app behaviour, and retargeting abilities.
  • New tools like customised push and in-app messaging make it possible to engage with and retarget users directly.

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Enjoying the dinner event in Berlin


Personalization is the future

  • Personalization means delivering the right experience to the right user on the right device at the right time.
  • Rich user profiles will determine a user’s content and experience.
  • We’ve been saying it for some time now that the foundation for personalization is being laid and companies need to act now to reap the benefits of personalization when it becomes more mainstream in the next one to two years. It was refreshing to see that business leaders are starting to take action and build robust mobile data capabilities.

Euroblog 3

Speaking about personalization in London

At Localytics, we are even more excited about our growing European presence and team after an exhilarating week talking to companies who are at the forefront of mobile. We look forward to announcing some new additions in the near future in particular to our Customer Success team.

Euroblog 6

Localytics team in Berlin

Many thanks to all the great companies and individuals that participated in the Localytics European Mobile Success Tour! Stay in touch and if you didn’t get a chance to join the Tour, please drop a line to Andrew Jackson-Proes, our Head of Europe, at