Localytics Has Always Put Privacy First

Apple CEO Steve Jobs at the D8 Conference on Tuesday said that Apple was "pissed off" at Flurry for publishing sensitive data in violation of Apple's privacy policy and without notifying end users that data were being collected. In response, Apple changed the language in its iPhone (iOS) developer agreement to reflect those concerns, which Localytics shares and has addressed from the beginning.

"But they [developers] can't send data out to an analytics firm who's going to sell it to make money and publish it to tell everyone that we [Apple] have devices in our campus that we don't want people to know about." --Steve Jobs

Virtually all app publishers will say that analytics are critical to building their business, whether the focus is on eliminating errors, prioritizing new features, optimizing advertising or managing a sales/conversion funnel.

To provide our analytics service, Localytics must operate as a trusted partner that collects, analyzes and reports data back to our app developers and publishers. Should we ever violate that trust, or jeopardize the trust between our customer, their other partners and end users, we may never earn it back.

Knowing this, we made a number of decisions from the very beginning that reflect and support these values:

  • Business focused on app owners. Localytics was built to benefit app owners, some of whom will pay for our service. Our business model is not based on serving ads or selling data to third parties.
  • Respect others' businesses. Localytics has never published reports that reveal a pre-launch product, attribute unapproved data to a publisher's app, or disclose your end users' personal information, and we never will.
  • Source code SDKs. One of our first decisions was to release the source code to our SDKs for Android, BlackBerry and iPhone. We want our developers and partners to know exactly what you're putting into your apps and what those SDKs are collecting.
  • End user opt-out. Our Android and BlackBerry SDKs have supported end user opt-out since the first release, and the same capability was extended to the iPhone SDK.
  • Data protections. Our service agreements plainly state we do not collect personally identifiable information (PII) and that we require our customers to publicly post and abide by a privacy policy compliant with relevant laws and regulations and industry standards. To further protect end users, we scramble the unique device ID two times before storing results.

As a provider to app publishers, our interests must be aligned the developers and marketers of mobile apps as well as Apple and other platform providers—we all want the highest quality and most successful applications on the iPhone, iPad, Android and BlackBerry. Applications using Localytics continue to be approved by Apple. We look forward to our ongoing work with app publishers and Apple to provide the richest mobile analytics while respecting the privacy of everyone involved.