Localytics Launches New Integration for ExactTarget HubExchange


Localytics, the leading marketing and analytics platform for mobile and web apps, launched its new app for ExactTarget HubExchange today, helping marketers create more targeted and personalized email campaigns based on users’ in-app behaviors.

ExactTarget and Localytics customers can now use their app analytics insights to build smarter, more segmented email campaigns. Using Localytics, app owners can use daypart analysis to determine the ideal email delivery times, or discover a segment of their customer base to reengage or nurture. Localytics is also used to measure the impact of an ExactTarget campaign on user engagement, retention and lifetime value.

“Marketers spend an exorbitant amount of resources on driving app downloads, only to quickly lose them due to the lack of personalized and relevant communications to keep customers engaged,” said Raj Aggarwal, CEO of Localytics. “Combining Localytics’ marketing and analytics services with ExactTarget gives marketers the insights to deliver optimized multi-channel marketing campaigns that boost conversions and customer lifetime.”

Once a user is engaged with a mobile app, Localytics’ triggers ExactTarget-powered messaging based on the users’ activities, helping to drive in-app conversions and engagement.

“We are pleased to welcome Localytics’ marketing and analytics platform for mobile and web apps to ExactTarget HubExchange,” said Ian Murdock, ExactTarget’s vice president, platform and developer community. “Together with companies like Localytics, ExactTarget is transforming digital marketing, providing marketers around the world with a powerful platform and ecosystem of integrated applications to create customer experiences that build loyalty and drive results.”

HubExchange is ExactTarget’s app marketplace that enables technology providers to build and deliver integrated applications within ExactTarget’s Interactive Marketing Hub. Much like a consumer purchases and downloads apps on a smartphone, HubExchange enables marketers to access and install ExactTarget and third-party developed digital marketing apps, making it easy to integrate new features or marketing solutions to power marketing campaigns from within ExactTarget.

To learn more about ExactTarget HubExchange visit www.HubExchange.com.

About Localytics

Localytics is the leading marketing and analytics platform for mobile and web apps. Localytics works with some of the world’s most well-known brands, like eBay, Salesforce, Microsoft and The New York Times, helping them create great experiences for their customers and maximizing profitability, engagement, lifetime value, and loyalty. Localytics provides analytics and marketing for more than 850 million devices across more than 20,000 apps. Localytics’ headquarters are located in Boston, MA. Learn more at localytics.com.