Localytics Wins MassTLC’s Innovative Technology of the Year – Big Data Award

Last night I attended the MassTLC Leadership Awards Gala in Boston. It was a great evening all around with more than 700 of the Boston technology scene in attendance. One of the highlights certainly was seeing one of the godfathers of the Boston startup scene, Ray Ozzie, receive the 2013 Commonwealth Award and giving a backdrop of the history of innovation in Boston.

Ozzie talked about how much the community thrives off each other and shared his path to his success, which he stated was primarily due to having great mentors. “One day you’ll see someone standing here in my place thanking one of you for being a great mentor to them,” he said. For me, that certainly struck a personal cord having been lucky to have had great mentors who allowed me to come to the U.S. to pursue my dreams as a marketer and ultimately brought me here to Localytics.

Localytics win MassTLC Award

It was a great evening for Localytics as we took home the Innovative Technology of the Year Award for Big Data. I feel truly blessed living in a time of such rapid innovation with the mobile industry spearheading much of it – and Localytics certainly playing its own part. For 5 years, we’ve been at the forefront of helping brands optimize the in-app user experience based on insight and action and, of course, lots of data. Our ability to process vast amounts of data reveals user patterns and insights that help strategically shape clients’ highly personalized app engagement strategies and user experiences.

With the number of apps, users and time spent in apps continuing to rise, the volume of accessible data is not only growing but also the ability to analyze it and act upon it. And it’s only going to increase in scale and complexity. This is a challenge that is far from trivial for both brands and their vendor ecosystems to solve.

Add to this the need for real-time access to app data. Great app marketing campaigns depend on information being available at the right time with the right content for the right target. This requires a lot of processing power and intelligence.

Let’s put this in context. In less than 4 years, the total number of users analyzed through the Localytics’ marketing and analytics platform has surged from just over 2 million to over 1 billion (yes, that is 2,000,000 vs 1,000,000,000). We process more than 50 billion data points every month!

We are fortunate to be working together with some of the most advanced brands in the world such as eBay, the New York Times, Tumblr, Salesforce.com, Zipcar and many others who truly are setting the pace for enhancing their business models through app engagements. And behind their success is the big data analytics power of Localytics.

So what’s next for big data, analytics, marketing and mobile apps? Stay tuned.