Mobile Application Analytics Engine Launched

Last week at DemoCamp Boston, Localytics launched its mobile application analytics engine (see video or use our online demo yourself). Our app analytics engine works across all platforms, and we currently have client libraries for Android and Blackberry, with iPhone and Windows Mobile coming soon.

Mobile Application Analytics launch chartWe believe our approach to mobile application analytics is unique, in that we don’t tell users which pieces of information they should be interested in and how they should see it. Instead, we allow them to see any data they want in any form they want, but in a ridiculously simple and intuitive manner. We are also unique in that we are open sourcing our client libraries, to enable developers to easily modify them for special purposes, and extend them to purposes we either haven’t thought of or don’t have the resources to pursue.

We are currently working with a few developers in closed beta, and will be doing a more open release by the end of March. Whatever platform you’re on, we’d love to work with you and share our expertise in this space with you – contact us anytime.