The App Grows Up: Moving Beyond Downloads to Dollars and Competitive Advantage

In 2009 – the year after Localytics was founded – the Apple App Store reported 1 billion app downloads. Fast-forward five years, and that figure is now 50 billion downloads. With half of the U.S. population owning a smartphone, apps are no longer a side project; they now form a critical part of a company’s business strategy.

(Check out our infographic charting the rise of the app over the past five years and the ROI opportunity that lies ahead).

Marketers are realizing that app downloads are not enough. Our research shows that 22 percent of apps are used only once. However, if you can keep a user coming back to your app, chances are significantly greater that he or she will convert and become a high-value user.

Whether an app publisher’s business model is driven by in-app purchases, paid subscriptions or in-app advertising, the key to unlocking app monetization lies in engagement and personalization. To make this happen, you need deep insights about your users including how you acquire them, how they interact with your content, and every step they take through the conversion funnel. For digital marketers, this isn’t rocket science. It’s Marketing 101.

But when it comes to mobile, things aren’t as easy. During the past five years, the industry has made huge strides in gaining a deep understanding of mobile users. Localytics has been working hand-in-hand with our customers to help them analyze their app users and create a better engagement model. In fact, we are now integrated into more than 20,000 top apps, helping them measure, segment and reveal granular, powerful insights about app users and their lifetime value across 1 billion unique devices.

Now it’s time to move those insights to the next level.

Today we've launched several major enhancements to our marketing and analytics platform for mobile and web apps, all designed to help you achieve your monetization and engagement goals. (Read today’s full press release.) These enhancements include:

  • A completely revised user interface: We believe that actionable insights need to be both powerful and simple to use. We’ve always prided ourselves on having the most powerful analytics available and, while we’ve added even more horsepower to your analytics, we’ve emphasized ease-of-use in this redesign to ensure deep user insights are also extremely accessible by anyone in your organization.

New Localytics UI

  • Localytics Interact - Push MessagingThis feature empowers you to create highly targeted push campaigns by leveraging insights from the Localytics’ analytics and segmentation capabilities. Complementing our existing in-app messaging capabilities, you can now engage existing users, re-engage inactive app users or target users based on their in-app activity, such as those who have abandoned a shopping cart.
  • Localytics Personalize - A/B Testing: With this new capability you can easily A/B test and dynamically change content to deliver customized user experiences and optimize these based on impact to conversions, retention and lifetime value. Using Localytics Personalize, you can quickly make and measure changes in the app on the fly without having to resubmit code or re-upload to the app store. Localytics Personalize will be available later in Q3.
  • Localytics Acquire: Our completely re-engineered acquisition management solution features a new dashboard that unifies all acquisition campaigns across multiple mobile advertising platforms and networks, including Facebook, Fiksu, Millennial Media, StrikeAd, and others. Localytics Acquire helps you optimize your customer acquisition strategy by connecting campaign acquisition cost with lifetime value data.

Finally, based on feedback from our customers, a core goal has been to make the power of Localytics more accessible to a broader range of the app market. For the first time, advanced marketing capabilities will available not only bundled with our Enterprise Edition, but also with a brand new edition we are launching today: Localytics Professional. Localytics Professional puts the most powerful functionality of Localytics in a package that’s priced to meet the needs of growing companies.

We’re kicking off the next, great evolution of the app. And there’s more to come.

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