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Henry is the Co-founder and CTO at Localytics. He loves cars and his dog, Thane.
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Measuring App Sessions on iOS 4

Before Apple iOS 4, tracking mobile app sessions on iPhone was very straightforward. Only one app could run at a time and every app had a clearly defined starting and ending point. With the introduction of multitasking in iOS 4, apps are no longer terminated when a user exits but are instead moved to the background and resumed when the user returns. In fact, many apps such as music players and messaging clients are intended to persist in the background indefinitely without any defined stopping point. As a result, the old way of tracking app sessions no longer accurately reflects the users’ behavior.

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Should Android developers target Android 2.0 and the Droid?

A year ago the Android ecosystem was pretty simple: there was one device, one operating system version, and developers knew exactly what they were building for. Android has come a long way and today there are a number of Android devices available with many more expected. One device that is now getting a lot of attention is the new Motorola Droid, which will be introduced on Verizon’s network tomorrow.

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How to reliably establish a network connection on any BlackBerry device

Establishing a network connection within a BlackBerry application is a challenge which tends to surprise developers new to the BlackBerry platform. This is especially true for developers coming from another platform and expecting the ability to simply call Connector.open(url) and get back a connection to that url. This article explains why connecting to the internet on a BlackBerry device can be tricky and presents some of the popular ways of doing it along with the source code for our own solution.

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Developing For Smartphones: Setting Up Your Environment

Previously, we examined the business and technology concerns around building applications for each smartphone platform. Here we investigate the options for application development on each platform and what tools are are necessary to build them.

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Smartphone OS Wars: Develop for which platforms? Part II

Deciding which platform to develop on is not only a business decision (as described in Part 1) but also a matter of what technology is right for the project. Each platform provides a different set of tools and development concerns for the application programmer. Below is a brief discussion of the major technology differences between the platforms which are relevant to a developer:

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Smartphone OS Wars: Develop for which platforms? Part I

As the smartphone wars rage on, mobile application developers regularly face a common dilemma: what platforms should I develop on? After some research and our own analysis we’ve deconstructed the answer into business (Part I) and technology perspectives (Part II).

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Five user experience tests for your Android application

As the Android Market starts to pick up steam we are seeing lots of exciting applications come out of the woodwork. Unfortunately, the newness of the platform coupled with the desire to be first to market with a particular idea has also brought about a lot of application bugs which cause otherwise great programs to get some bad ratings in the Android market.

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