A guide for mobile marketers at Salesforce Connections 2019

We will be at Salesforce Connections June 17-19 in Chicago. If you’re going, awesome! We’d love to see you at Booth 35.

First: if you're new to this conference, take a look at our 2018 tips from the conference. We are a Salesforce ISV partner, and many of these ideas resonate if you're attending this year.

Second: We’re at Booth 35 for the whole duration of the show.

And finally: schedule a meeting with us in Chicago! It’s easier that way. 

But beyond simply talking about what Localytics can do for you, there are a couple of great sessions for mobile marketers to check out:

All The Marketing Trends You Need To Know (6/18, 3pm, McCormick Place / Lake Michigan Theater)

This is by Chris Jacob from Salesforce’s Product Marketing team. A description: “Today, there’s a fundamental challenge that exists for marketers. On one side, consumers are demanding personalized experiences – 76% have reported that they expect it when interacting with brands. And on the flip side, 57% of consumers report being uncomfortable with how companies are using their data. Given the importance of customer experience, it's no surprise that 51% of marketers say their organization is more mindful about balancing personalization and privacy than two years ago. In this session, we’ll unpack the nuances behind these challenges, give you first look at the 3rd Edition State of Connected Customer report, and share all the marketing trends you need to know to set yourself up for success.”

3 Expert Tips for Architecting Personalized Customer Experiences (6/17, 2:30, McCormick Place / Lake Erie Theater)

This is by two Salesforce Program Architects, and the value is in learning how to deliver real-time, multi-channel personalized experiences. (We also help companies a great deal with personalization here at Localytics.)

Become a Rockstar Mobile Marketer (6/17, 2pm, McCormick Place / Lake Erie Theater)

This one is led a Senior Product Manager at Aetna and Nick Holdren from ListEngage. Here’s the abstract for the session: As brands strive to meet and exceed rising customer expectations in our digital world, mobile marketing is critical to connect with customers where they are, in the moments that matter. How can you increase your mobile subscriber base? When is the right time to add a mobile channel to your customer journey? Join us as Salesforce MVP Guilda Hilaire shares key wins to becoming a successful mobile marketer so you can exceed cusomer expectations at every stage of your brand's customer lifecycle.”

Grow your Business with a Killer Mobile Marketing Strategy (6/17, 3:30pm, McCormick Place / Lake Shangri-La Theater)

This one will be led by two Salesforce employees, one from Product Marketing and one from the Lead Solutions engineering team, and is largely about connecting offline moments with online moments for amazing customer end experiences. “Any channel” optimization for best experience is the end goal of this session.

Looking forward to seeing you and talking shop in The Windy City.