Introducing Profiles: A Personalized Approach to App Marketing and Analytics

In 2008, we saw the rise of a powerful app ecosystem and an opportunity to make the mobile app landscape successful for marketers and businesses of all sizes. Today marks a milestone in our journey to help organizations develop successful apps with the launch of Profiles, a people-centered and personalized approach to app marketing and analytics. 

Profiles provide organizations with the ability to collect, manage and share customer data from all marketing channels. The power of combining profile and behavioral information from inside and outside the app creates truly intelligent marketing. Customer data can be as simple as the gender and location of customers or as specific as the date of their last in-store purchase or a list of their favorite songs. 



Profiles Is a People-Centered Approach

Profiles gives marketers the data and insights they need to communicate with their app users as people who have specific preferences and interests. While events tells marketers what users do within their app, Profiles offers additional insight to who their users are, facilitating a targeted, personal approach to marketing. For example, marketers can send an in-app coupon code during the first week of October to males ages 25-30 who made their last purchase in September, incentivizing them to make another purchase.


A Closed Loop App Marketing and Analytics Platform

At Localytics, we believe smart marketing demands powerful analytics. That’s why we built Profiles on top of our strong analytics foundation, feeding directly into our closed-loop app marketing and analytics solution.

In today’s fast-paced digital world, marketers need a solution that tightly integrates data into their campaigns and connects app marketing with cross-channel strategies. While point solutions do exist, Localytics is the only platform to bring marketing and analytics together. With Localytics, customers can analyze their data to better understand their users, use this data to run intelligent marketing campaigns, and measure the impact of these campaigns to make the right business decisions.

For a mobile-first company, this means that we become their complete solution for app marketing and analytics. For a larger enterprise, we provide the tools to feed their existing customer data from their offline and online channels to, and from, our app marketing platform.


Personalization Powered By Cross Channel Data

Profiles makes a holistic view of your customers, leveraging data from both inside and outside the app, possible. A recent Forrester study found that marketers say building a comprehensive view of customers is one of their biggest challenges in implementing personalization. Together, app behavioral data and Profiles create the unified cross-channel perspective that marketers need to deliver best-in-class personalization experiences.

Since 2008, we’ve helped mobile leaders be successful by providing them with the deep insights and tools they need to deliver successful app marketing experiences. Today, we’re excited to launch Profiles and make the app experience more personal. 

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