Connect the Dots: Track your Conversions Everywhere with the New Localytics Events API

It’s a widely known secret: even the most mobile-first businesses care deeply about events that happen outside their app.

To date, mobile engagement vendors offer uniformly poor capabilities to track cross-channel or cross-platform conversions. Until today…

We’re pleased to announce the beta launch of the Localytics Events API to equip our customers with industry-best flexibility to measure and engage based on events that happen outside the app.


Real life app engagement

As mobile marketing matures as a discipline and businesses become more rigorous in quantifying their app’s ROI, it’s becoming increasingly critical for marketers to cultivate a “360 customer view.” Consumers think of themselves as people — not as devices — and expect the businesses they engage with to do the same.

This is a huge problem because traditional mobile marketing tools rigidly segment messaging activity and user behavior by device type. And even if you’re a marketer primarily focused on mobile app engagement, your most relevant key results happen outside your app.
Most commonly, marketers care about activity outside of the app because their conversion events — subscriptions for media apps, checkouts for commerce apps, or deliveries for demand-economy apps — typically get completed on their server-side infrastructure rather than on an end user’s device. Other businesses pursue mobile strategies where their app drives cross-platform activity or offline conversions like brick-and-mortar purchases. Either way, it’s virtually impossible to connect the dots between app engagement and real-world business results.

The Localytics Events API gives marketers the freedom to track server-side and offline events alongside app behavior, enabling them to target marketing campaigns, dig into conversion funnels, and measure the true impact of their engagement initiatives.

Power the best marketing with the best insights

The Localytics Events API is a simple RESTful web service that enables your engineering team to leverage your users’ activity anywhere to create Localytics Events with the same granularity and richness you’ve come to expect from our platform.

A platform-agnostic view of user activity gives you the tools to dig deep into the circumstances surrounding your conversions and take action. Other mobile engagement vendors provide simplistic tools to track server-side or offline conversions, but make it hard or impossible to glean insight into end user behavior.

Want to figure out how many of your purchases occurred on iPads vs. iPhones? Or compare conversion rates between users who received your latest winback campaigns vs. the control group? If your purchases are completed on the server-side, then good luck.

The Localytics Events API represents a huge step forward because our platform manages the thorny details about your users’ past behavior for you without requiring your engineering team to track dozens of extraneous particulars to get the insights you need. And you can leverage additional data to create richer messaging audiences and craft more effective campaigns.

True Impact for all

In the coming weeks, we’ll be offering access to the Events API beta to Localytics customers as we add features and establish best practices.

If you care deeply about measuring and improving the impact of your marketing, reach out to your Localytics Account Director today or email our product team for more information.

We’re passionate about enabling the best marketing and uncovering the deepest insights for our customers, and we’re excited about what we can build together.