Forrester’s Now Tech Report Guides Your Digital Intelligence Vendor Research

Digital Intelligence has become a game changer for brands today. It’s revolutionized the way brands develop marketing strategies, audience segmentation, and personalization to their customers. Brands can’t expect to hit the bullseye if they’re throwing the dart while blindfolded. Now, digital intelligence gives brands the data and analytics they need to hit the mark every time.

Many of the most forward-thinking brands have matured to a point where they are ready for a digital intelligence platform to revolutionize their marketing, product, and customer support team, but are facing one big problem. There are a lot of technology vendors  in the digital intelligence market. It’s imperative brands do their research to purchase the platform that works best for them.

To help brand marketers and customer experience professionals , Forrester has compiled  a report on the industry to help guide you in your research into the different options.

In this report, Forrester highlights three key pain points many organizations are facing:

  • How digital intelligence can transform the way you do business
  • The factors that should go into purchasing a vendor 
  • Ways to fully take advantage of your investment

Forrester and Localytics agree that digital intelligence can bring a lot of value to a business in many channels. The report highlights the value that digital intelligence can bring, but we believe that it can go even further than described.

Beyond the ways Forrester described, we know that digital intelligence can really energize your digital transformation through personalization. With digital intelligence platforms, brands can utilize the tool to hone their messaging, audience segmentation, and increase ROI through personalized marketing campaigns.

In determining which vendors to consider, Forrester lays out a plan of action for brands:

  • Understand market presence and experience optimization 
  • Map your requirements needed in a platform 
  • Create a plan for your investment

To read Forrester’s guide on vendor research, download the full report.