How Four Companies Drove Us to Their Mobile App

Mobile-friendly websites are pretty great. On my long commutes home I can plug in my earphones and scroll through some of my favorite brands’ websites, but often times I find that those sites aren’t enough.

I want an experience that is tailored to me, which is why I typically opt to download a company’s app. I feel more involved with my favorite retailers while also gaining access to a fully personalized experience, from in-app to push notifications. There is just something more engaging about using an app than just heading over to the mobile or desktop site.

Here at Localytics, we wanted to discuss what personally drives us to download some of these apps as opposed to just relying on Google searches and typing in URLs.

The New York Times


One of the highlights of the New York Times app is the use of rich push notifications to share the latest stories. Thomas Rodde, our Marketing Research Analyst, uses the NY Times app at the start of each work week.

“I always use it as a resource on monday mornings so I get caught up with what’s going on in the world,”

Creating a mobile app was a terrific way to keep readers engaged as it allows for complete personalization. Users are able to choose from a variety of topics and can even opt in to specific push notifications such as breaking news, politics, and sports.





Sometimes planning a trip can be a headache. There is a lot to consider such as hotels prices, transportation methods, and car rentals. Thankfully with the Expedia app, travelers can let go of some of that tension by using their phones to search for the best deals when it comes to flights and accommodations.

Marina Ulemek, a business development representative who is always traveling, says the Expedia app is one of her favorites to use for booking trips.

“The interface is really nice and simple. Since I’m an Expedia member they also have the member pricing right on top, making it super convenient,”

Sometimes when booking a trip, there may be a sense of urgency to find great deals so you won’t break your wallet. With an easy-to-use interface, the Expedia app makes it a breeze to find what you’re looking for in a matter of seconds.



Sydney Braithwaite, a mobile engagement consultant here at Localytics loves using the ASOS mobile app to browse hot new fashion items and make purchases. Even when she’s not ready to place an order, one aspect of the app she adores is the ability to save items to look at later.

“I really like the app because it opens right to my profile and all of my favorite items are saved,” she says, “I just really love the app experience. The way they organize their products is really intuitive,”

The ASOS app also leverages push notifications once or twice a week to remind Sydney about new sales and incoming items. These messages help remind Sydney about why she uses the app in the first place. Sometimes life gets crazy, but the occasional nudge from ASOS helps bring her right back to her happy place.



Screen Shot 2018-07-05 at 10.59.28 AM_iphone6_silver_portrait

In a world run by lengthy to-do lists and work projects, you need an app that allows you to stay organized. That’s why Kevin Flanagan, Team Leader of Customer Success, uses Bear, an app that lets him to do his job effectively no matter where he is at any given moment.

“Bear allows me to have my notes on either my phone, laptop, or personal computer,” he says, “so regardless of whether or not I’m on site with a client or just taking notes during a phone call, I can make sure I have all that info with me at any time,”

By having an easily accessible app such as Bear, he is able to ditch the pile of notebooks and keep all of his notes with him. Anywhere, anytime.


The most common trait that all of these apps have in common? They each have a unique quality about them that drives users to the app store, regardless of whether or not the desktop or mobile site offers the same functions. By having a mobile app, they are able to leverage mobile marketing techniques such as push notifications and brilliant UX design to deliver quality, mobile-friendly experiences.