Big News About Rich Push

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Today, we are thrilled to announce that Localytics customers can now send iOS 10 rich push notifications using our Dashboard. That means it's now incredibly easy to add pictures, GIFs, videos, and more to your push notifications.

What’s Rich Push and Why Should I Be Excited?

A rich push is just like a normal push notification, except it includes rich media content. That content can be a picture, an animated GIF, a video, or an audio file.


We’re excited about rich push notifications for two reasons:

  1. They say a picture is worth a thousand words and that’s certainly true for push notifications. By adding visuals, you can make your push notifications more impactful than ever before.

  2. Rich push notifications make it very easy for users to consume content outside of your app. Before now, a user had to open your app in order to do something like see a new product that just arrived. With rich push, this is no longer the case. Instead, you can show your users that shiny new product right in a notification. This removes a major barrier to consumption.


What Does a Rich Push Look Like to My iOS Users?


When a user first sees a rich push on the lock screen or in the Notification Center, it looks similar any other push. However, if the notification contains an image, GIF, or video, then a thumbnail of the content appears on the right side of the message. In addition, if the message is short, then a new line of text that says, "Press for more" is automatically added to indicate that there is additional content in the notification.



When the user presses down (for 3D Touch devices like the iPhone7) or swipes down on the rich push notification, they are shown a larger version of the content. GIFs will automatically start animating, while videos and audio files can be played directly in the notification by tapping on the play button. A further tap will either launch the app or open a deep link (if you've included one).


How Do I Send a Rich Push?

Any Localytics customer who has push can also send rich push notifications. The only requirements are that your iOS app needs to be running SDK Version 4.1.0 and you need to add some additional code snippets (please see the integration instructions here). Users also must be running iOS 10 in order to view rich content.

To send a rich push:

  1. Go to the Messaging page in the Localytics Dashboard and create a new push campaign

  2. Set the campaign’s Goal and the Audience as usual and continue to the Creative Builder

  3. After typing in the text for your push notification, scroll down and turn on the switch that says “Add a Rich Media Attachment”
    Location of Rich Push Field.png

  4. Paste in the URL where your content is hosted. You can add images (JPEGs or PNGs), animations (GIFs), videos (mp4s), or audio files (mp3s).
    • If you don’t already have your content hosted online, check out some suggestions for content hosting here. Keep in mind that Apple requires your content to be hosted on a secure site - the URLs for these sites start with “HTTPS”

  5. If your rich content is a picture or GIF, you will see your content appear in the preview screen. Currently, we do not show a preview of video or audio content.
    Rich Push Field with URL.png

  6. Continue building your push notification as you normally would.


That’s all there is to it! Just remember that users on older OS versions or who have a version of your app that hasn't been configured to receive rich pushes will still get the notification, but they will only see the text.


Even More Cool Stuff

In addition to support for rich content, we've also added the ability to include titles and subtitles in your iOS push notifications. Titles and subtitles are shown above your message body and are bolded. They let you provide a clear CTA or intro that a user sees before they read the rest of your notification. 


What About Android?

Don't forget that you can also send rich push notifications to your Android apps using Key/Value pairs. Instructions on how to configure your Android app to send rich push notifications can be found here. You can also send rich push notifications to both Android and iOS using our Push API. We will be adding Dashboard support for Android rich push in Q1 2017. 


Start Getting Rich Today

Rich push opens up a whole new world of opportunities for mobile marketers and we want to make sure you take advantage of it. With that in mind, check back on Wednesday for a blog post on some guidelines you should keep in mind when building your next rich push.


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