Introducing SDK V4

In all the excitement this summer surrounding Places and Uninstall Tracking, we haven’t had the chance to talk about the new SDK that makes it all possible. The time has come to change that. Localytics SDK Version 4 for iOS and Android introduces several new features and sets the stage for some very exciting capabilities in the near future.


New Features

  • Full support for Places and Uninstall Tracking
  • Standard events
  • Improved deep linking
  • Simpler integrations for Swift

Standard Events

Since we have discussed Places and uninstall tracking at length, let’s jump into the other new features of the SDK. First up is standard events. These are a series of pre-built event tags that let you easily track common user actions in your app. Some examples of standard events are “added item to cart” and “content viewed” (here is a full list of the new standard events).

Standard events open up a host of possibilities for the future of Localytics, from more powerful Recommended Audiences to new insights on app and campaign performance. So the next time you need to integrate Localytics into one of your apps, be sure to use standard events. Not only will they get you up and running more quickly, they’ll also make sure you can take advantage of all the cool things we’re going to be doing down the road.

Improved Deep Linking

New deep linking interface
SDK V4 also introduces a new, simpler approach for adding deep links to Push and Places campaigns. As long as your app has SDK V4 and a registered URI scheme, you no longer have to build complicated key/value pairs in order to deep link your messages. Instead, when you get to the "Creatives" screen in the Campaign Builder, all you have to do is turn on the Deep Linking option and type in the address of the location in your app where you want to take users when they tap on the notification.

This new approach is not only easier when it comes to adding deep links to your campaigns, it also removes the need for developers to set up complicated code in your app for parsing of key/value pairs.


Simpler integrations for Swift

There’s no question that going forward, Apple expects all apps for iOS to be written in the Swift programming language. To reflect this, we’ve improved the process of integrating the Localytics SDK into an app built with Swift. Thanks to a new dynamic framework, you can now install our SDK into Swift apps using CocoaPods. This means less time and frustration for your dev team.


Minimal Breaking Changes

Despite the large number of new features (both big and small) contained in SDK V4, there are minimal breaking changes. That means upgrading is a simple process with only a few minor tweaks required in your app’s code. Have your dev team take a look at the instructions for updating iOS or Android apps and start enjoying the benefits of SDK V4 today!