[NEW FEATURE] See The Impact Of Your Mobile Marketing Campaigns Like Never Before

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At Localytics, we're obsessed with helping you unlock new and interesting campaign insights. As we mentioned on Monday, last week we launched Explore, which is a new part of our True Impact 2.0 campaign reporting tool. Explore reintroduces one of the most popular features of the original True Impact - the ability to see how your campaign is driving changes in every event you track using Localytics.

How It Works

Data Driven Mobile Marketing
Using Explore is incredibly easy. In the Localytics Dashboard, simply go to the Messaging section, click on a campaign, and then click on the Explore button in the True Impact report. Once you’re in the Explore section, you can select any event you want from the dropdown. You can also apply a filter on event attributes and custom dimensions, to look at behavior in even more detail.

As soon as you’ve selected your event, you will see the conversion rate appear, along with a comparison to your campaign’s control group (if you’re using one). Like all the other parts of True Impact 2.0, you can choose to look at your customers’ conversion rate within 1, 3, 7, or 14 days of receiving the campaign.

Let's Look At An Example

Explore opens up a world of new possibilities for the data-driven marketer. Let’s take a quick look at one way that you can use this feature to gain a better understanding of how your campaign is driving changes in user behavior.


eCommerce Rich Push Notification

You are running a campaign for your e-commerce app promoting surfboards. Your main conversion action is "Checkouts that include a surfboard." You have a theory that this campaign has also driven an increase in sales of sunglasses, since both items are often associated with summers and the beach. Explore is the perfect way to test this and here’s how:

  • In the Explore dropdown menu, select "Checkout" as your event name.
  • Filter the custom attribute "Product Type" to be "Sunglasses"
  • Choose “3 Days” to view conversions within 3 days of receiving the message. In this case, 3 days is short enough to ensure you are looking at the influence of this campaign, but not so short that you miss seeing the impact of users who took a few days to make the purchase.


Unlimited Push Notification Conversion Events

Of users who receive your campaign, 11.5% purchase sunglasses within 3 days of receiving the campaign, while only 1.3% of the control makes the same purchase. That’s almost a 9x increase in conversions! There are a lot of potential insights here. As a next step, you might consider running an A/B test where you see if a message about surfboards does a better job of selling sunglasses than a message that’s selling sunglasses!

Start Exploring Your Campaigns

As you can see, Explore unlocks a treasure chest of deeper insight into how your marketing efforts are driving engagement not only with your conversion criteria but throughout your app. Explore has already been turned on, so get started today!