Our Team’s Super Bowl Predictions + Mobile’s Role in SBLI

Sweet Super Bowl weekend is upon us. That means copious amounts of food, beers, betting, and oh yeah, football. And since we’re loud and proud about being from Boston, there’s no doubt who we’re rooting for (#GoPats #TB12GOAT #DoYourJob) with the exception of one lowly Jets fan (seriously, Tim...the Jets are terrible).

But before we dig into our predictions for the Big Game and sound like the true New Englanders we are, let’s take a step back and talk mobile and Super Bowl LI:

  • May I have your attention please? 73% of viewers plan to use a second-screen while watching the Super Bowl this year.
  • #Trendsetters. 89% of viewers ages 18 to 24 plan to use a smartphone during the game.
  • What’s the Wi-Fi password? According to Venture Beat, the number of fans connected to Wi-Fi has increased over 4x in the past 3 years to about 35,000.
  • If you didn’t post or Snap it, you weren’t there. During last year’s Super Bowl, an incredible 10 terabytes of data were used by fans in the stadium.
  • Is this real life? It’s like Fox Sports has already made it reality, planning to stream the Super Bowl in Gear VR, Cardboard, or a 360-degree mobile device via their app.
  • Gently down the stream. A whopping 4 million people streamed last year’s Super Bowl, and that number is expected to increase this year.

Pretty crazy stuff, right? There’s no question that mobile plays an increasingly large role in major sporting events, and if the trends are any indicator, it’s on course to become an integral part of the experience, both in the stadium and at home.

As for the game itself? Here are our predictions, from score, to MVP, to even Lady Gaga attire. 

Disclaimer: Our Boston roots make us incredibly biased. 

virzi.jpgMatt Virzi, Strategic Account Executive

Final Score Prediction: 36 to 31 Pats all the wayyyyyyy!!!!!  

MVP Prediction: Young Tom Brady

Why did you pick that score/MVP player?:TB12 and Bill B's experience in the SuperBowl will win out. Tom Brady is the GOAT and you can't deny it. 4 Rings, and he's beating his college combine scores at age 39. He's coming off a bogus suspension year and having a record season. Matty Ice is doing great too, but TB has a better record with fewer games. One more "W" will seal the deal.

Lady Gaga’s Outfit Prediction: I predict a lot of glitter and some sort of face paint.... David Bowie tribute perhaps??

What app will you use most during the SuperBowl?: I'm a big Reddit user, and /r/NewEnglandPatriots will be busy. Other than that, prob a lot of social media. (FB, Insta, Twitter, etc...)


zahra.jpgZahra Bukhari, Sales Operations Manager

Final Score Prediction: 24-17

MVP Prediction: Julian Edelman

Why did you pick that score/MVP player? Most Valuable (because of his looks) Player (to all the women of America)

Lady Gaga’s Outfit Prediction: A dress made of hot dogs and beer cans... and something political for sure

What app will you use most during the SuperBowl? Mobile Pass - since I'll be traveling back from Canada :) let's hope I don't get stuck #noban


Henry, Cipolla CTOhenry.jpg

Final Score Prediction: 27-20 Patriots winning

MVP Prediction: Tom Brady

Why did you pick that score/MVP player? In the past 10 years the average total score has been 45 points and the patriots are the favorites. In terms of MVP, betting odds have Tom Brady as the most favored.

Lady Gaga’s Outfit Prediction: She will be blonde, midriff will be exposed, it won't resemble any recognizable object and there won't be any wardrobe malfunctions

What app will you use most during the SuperBowl? Slack, keeping in touch with other people who are watching the game 


k flan.jpgKevin Flanagan, Mobile Engagement Consultant

Final Score Prediction: Patriots 45 - Falcons 13

MVP Prediction: Eric Rowe

Why did you pick that score/MVP player? Does the name Malcolm Butler ring a bell - ERowe is the future. Going to have a huge game...next question

Lady Gaga’s Outfit Prediction: She will be dressed as a Goat with a 12 jersey on

What app will you use most during the SuperBowl? Snapchat - so I can share my Patriots joy with all my friends from New York


jen t-1.jpgJennifer Tanenbaum, Strategic Account Executive

Final Score Prediction: 34-27, Pats obviously 

MVP PredictionTB12

Why did you pick that score/MVP player? Score because the Pat's D is the best in the league, and while the Falcons have a great offense, their defense isn't as solid.. Brady as MVP because he's the GOAT!

Lady Gaga’s Outfit Prediction: I'm thinking some sort of shiny red two piece outfit.. obviously gigantic platform heels, probably silver sparkly. 

What app will you use most during the SuperBowl? Snapchat so I can see the spreads everyone is working with, and so I can see replays of all the best commercials! 


aaron.jpgAaron Sawitsky, Senior Product Manager

Final Score Prediction: 31-28 Patriots

MVP PredictionTom Brady

Why did you pick that score/MVP player? I think it's going to be a fun, high-scoring game. In terms of the winner, I would be kicked out of the Boston office if I didn't say the Patriots are going to win (and I think they will, although it's going to be close). For MVP, Brady's gotten the nod in 3 of the 4 Super Bowls he's played in, so I'm expecting history to repeat itself there.

Lady Gaga’s Outfit Prediction: For Lady Gaga's outfit, I'm going to say a Statue of Liberty costume (possibly made of deli meats).

What app will you use most during the SuperBowl? For the app, I'm not touching my phone during the game! I'm going to be exclusively focused on the TV.

justina.jpgJustina Perro, Head of Content

Final Score Prediction: 31-20 Patriots

MVP Prediction: Tom Brady because he’s on part 2 of his vengeance tour. #FireGoodell

Why did you pick that score/MVP player? Tom Brady because he’s playing better than QB’s 10+ years his junior. He's only lost 1 game this year, and he has the highest QB rating in history for his age, and set an NFL record for his touchdown-to-interception ratio (28-2). He’s no longer “arguably the greatest QB of all time”, he IS the G.O.A.T., both QB and NFL player.

Lady Gaga’s Outfit Prediction: I think she goes political with this one. Not sure how, and I’m guessing it’ll have to be semi-subtle, but that’s my bet.

What app will you use most during the SuperBowl? I realize this is blasphemous as an app marketer, but I get too tuned into the game to second-screen it. Don’t want to hear the noise. Plus, I like to watch the Super Bowl commercials.


rich.jpgRich Boccuzzi, Engineering Manager

Final Score: Patriots - 42, Falcons 22

MVP Prediction: Brady

Why did you pick that score/MVP player? Belichick - Brady's best skill is that he knows how to be coached. Just like our customers: if they get best in class advice, they can rise to amazing heights and overcome all competition. It's all about having the right information at the right time to make the improvements that will bring you to greatness.

Lady Gaga’s Outfit Prediction: She has already worn a meat dress; I think this time, she is going full veg. An asparagus gown

What app will you use most during the SuperBowl? None--it's the Super Bowl! Why would I be on my phone? I will be with friends and family, yelling at the TV.


4 rings, soon to be 5. Go Pats!