The four components of intelligent digital engagement

The path to success in modern business is about getting ahead of digital customer engagement. Your customers are increasingly moving to mobile and expecting engagement there, as well as an integration of different touchpoints across the entire experience you are providing them.

How does an organization achieve this digital customer engagement, though? 

It comes when you personalize the user experience. People respond to offers and ideas unique to them; that’s where the engagement lies. They want to know that you understand their content needs--what types of jeans they want--or can message them with a relevant nearby offer, i.e. those shoes you wanted are available here.

We all want to believe we are being spoken to as the one, as opposed to one of the many.

As a business, you arrive at personalization by focusing on four essential ingredients:

  • Strategy: How can you design intelligent personalization?
  • Data: What information do you need to enhance personalization efforts?
  • Technology: Where are you going to deploy intelligence, machine learning, or otherwise enhance your tech stack?
  • Support and Services: What staffing, training, and support do you need?

This all begins with strategy, and one equation

When we work with clients, we begin with the broader strategy piece, with personalization and personalized experiences as the end goal. Working across millions of touchpoints with clients in dozens of industries, we’ve arrived at this formula to most effectively personalize:

Audience + Message + Timing = Personalized Experience

You can translate this equation to your business and execute business goals by thinking through answers to these simple questions:

  • Who you target (audiences, segments)
  • What you deliver (offer, creative)
  • When you deliver (time of day, triggered event)
  • Where you reach that consumer (channel)
  • How often you reach that consumer (frequency, persistence)

How does Localytics help?

Each of the answers to these questions evolves with your experience, but there is no reason to start from scratch.  We have use cases from many industries, client experience examples and deliverables for each of the questions above that will inspire your team.

This can range from Implementing Intelligent Personalization (a 3-4 week arc where projects are initiated in-market) to Custom Visualization Dashboards for data (3 days to 2 weeks to implement) to Integration Audits to Managed Services Packages.

As we’ve rolled these out to clients, we’ve seen some tremendous results with major brands:

  • Strategy: We worked with a global IoT/Home Automation manufacturer on overall mobile strategy and messaging best practices (timing, cadence, audience) to drive user satisfaction scores up in a matter of weeks. 
  • Data: In our work with a national retailer with both broadcast TV and online channels, we took an already-advanced mobile organization and moved them towards personalization. Based on their pre-existing audience data, we were able to design campaigns for them that increased open rates 4x.
  • Technology: One of our long-standing partners is a nationally-recognized sports television network, and we were recently able to drive 1M+ new users in under four months at the intersection of strategy work (an in-app program) and their existing technology. We’re now working with them more on push.
  • Staffing: Recently we did work with a powerhouse in television network content production as they were undergoing a massive team reorganization with a variety of stakeholders and different, complex needs. Initially they needed help making sure the “messaging trains” kept running, but also some consultative work on best people practices.

Getting in touch

You know your core business better than anyone. That’s how you built it to this level. What you need now is a world-class partner to accelerate the digital journey and intelligent personalization to the next level.

If you’d be interested in learning more about how we help and what we offer, reach out when ready. We’d love to become a trusted partner.