‘Tis the Season Not to Fall Victim to the Great App Purge [INFOGRAPHIC]


This time of year gets us thinking about family, friends, food, mistletoes, menorahs, and of course, eggnog. But for marketers, it’s also the time of year when the “Great App Purge” is on their minds. With so many people adding new, shiny mobile devices to their holiday wish lists, it can be both the most profitable – and riskiest – time of year for app marketers. As the boxes those new devices came in get unwrapped and tossed aside, consumers have a few (important) decisions to make: keep or purge their old apps and decide which new ones to download.

We know that consumers will try a new app 4.5 times before walking away, so it’s critical for app marketers to have a strong user engagement strategy as they head into this exciting time of year.

Here at Localytics, we’re committed to helping apps survive the “Great App Purge of 2015,” and have put together this visual guide illustrating consumer behaviors and preferences, and tips and tricks for app marketers.


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