True Impact 2.0 Is Live!

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They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and here at Localytics, we’re certainly flattered to see that so many companies in the mobile marketing space have recently started talking about measuring the “true impact” of marketing campaigns. Frankly, we think it’s about time! Marketers deserve more than just opens and conversion rates when it comes to how they evaluate the success of their marketing efforts. We take pride in the fact that Localytics has led the charge for better campaign reporting and that continues today with the announcement that True ImpactTM 2.0 is live!

The Ultimate Reporting Tool for Marketers

True Impact 2.0 arms marketers with ironclad proof that their campaigns are influencing users and delivering results. Whether your campaign generates longer average session lengths, lower uninstall rates, higher revenue, or a change in one of the 20 other metrics that True Impact 2.0 tracks, you now know exactly how a user’s behavior changes after he or she receives your message. For a detailed look at all the features that make True Impact 2.0 the ultimate campaign reporting tool, be sure to check out this blog post.

We've Been Busy

Over the past month, the beta team has been hard at work collecting feedback from customers and making updates to get True Impact 2.0 ready for prime time. We’ve made far too many tweaks to list them all, but here are some of the bigger features we’ve added during the past month:

Statistical Significance - We now indicate whether the change in a metric is statistically significant. If a number is colored red or green, the change is significant. If it’s grey, then it isn’t. For our colorbind friends out there, you can also hover your mouse over the metric and a popup will tell you if the change is significant or not. True Impact Statistical Significance Card V3.png
Time Charts - On the right side of each metric, we’ve added a bar chart that shows you how the metric has changed as more time passes since the user received your message. For example, you might see app opens go up for the first few days after a user receives a campaign, but then go down after that. The bar charts are also color coded to show when there is statistical significance. True Impact Time Charts Card-1.png
A/B Testing Improvements - We’ve added more metrics to the A/B Test section. We’ve also given you the ability to filter any metric so that you only see the results for a specific creative version. This is a great way to understand exactly how different message variants drive different results. True Impact AB Selector.png



Want to Learn More?

If you’re interested in learning more about how you can use True Impact 2.0 to take your marketing campaigns to the next level, be sure to click the banner below and sign up for our webinar on February 9th, where we will walk you through the entire report and cover best practices for measuring the success of your marketing campaigns.
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