8 Apps That Prove Location-Based Messages Work for Any Industry

Have you ever considered geo-push for your mobile marketing strategy and thought “I’m not sure that will work for my industry/app”?


We’re here to tell you yes, location-driven push notifications absolutely make sense for your app! We’re in a new mobile marketing era. Our audiences expect ultra-targeted marketing. The old standby, broadcast push notifications to everyone, don’t work anymore. Location is a better way to deliver mobile messages that drive engagement: they take into account where your user is, so you can create a message with a CTA that drives your users to act. And the payoff is worth the effort: location-based push notifications see an average 40% click-through rate!

Here’s how brands you’ve definitely heard of are making it work for them.


1. TRAVEL | TripAdvisor


TripAdvisor’s embraced geo-push, creating geofences for a variety of popular destinations from airports to restaurants. Messages are focused on offering value to user, and reinforce a pattern of engaging with the TripAdvisor community for input on travel or dining decisions.









Events are inherently a local draw, so for apps like event discovery app Bandsintown, tracking by location is a must. The app scans your music streaming to suggest events, and lets you set and share alerts for artists you’re interested in. Extra points for using a rich push notification, which is more likely to draw the user’s eye, increasing conversion.


bands in town segmentation.jpg




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3. RETAIL | Sephora


Don’t be fooled by the simplicity of this push notification. It’s a targeted, geo-driven delight of a mobile message. With the user’s own account data (in this case, an e-gift card), Sephora uses location to offer their users a pre-emptive solution (“oh right, I do have that gift card to use”) and entice them to stop in and buy in that very location.



4. RESTAURANTS | Starbucks


At this point, you could kind of describe Starbucks as a mobile marketing legend. They embraced location services and geo-push early on, using it to alert users of special offers and facilitating their very popular order-ahead service. Here, the Starbucks Steaming Kettle location uses it to let a user know that delicious coffee is only an easy mobile order away.



Let's Dance by Bowie is highly recommended during the work week.


5. NAVIGATION/RESTAURANTS | Waze + Dunkin’ Donuts


Take benefits a partnership between two powerful brands can create, add in geo-driven push notifications, and you have an incredibly targeted, compelling experience. Waze, a popular interactive navigation app, partnered with Dunkin’ Donuts and uses location to find nearby Dunkins, and allow users to order their coffee and treats ahead. Another geo-push alerts them when they’re close to the Dunks with their order.




6. REVIEW | Yelp


I’m all about hot new restaurants, but Yelp’s right; I care the most about them when they’re already in my neighborhood--and that means I’m more likely to swipe my way into the Yelp app. Yelp’s use of an emoji helps out too: research shows users are 85% more likely to swipe when a push notification includes one.




7. SPORTS | San Francisco 49ers


The San Francisco 49ers is one of the most unique uses of geo-push we’ve seen so far. The team partners with Amazon Prime, allowing users to receive deliveries to their parking lot tailgate in an hour or under. It’s a way to use location services to offer a one-of-a-kind solution to a common problem 49ers users have, and gives them another reason to return to the app.




8. BANKING | Bank of Ireland


This is a great example, because it’s different from the kinds of geo-driven push notifications you’d expect to see from a bank. Location services tells the Bank of Ireland app that this user was in an airport, so chances were good they’re taking a trip, right? So BOI send a push linking to some helpful content around using their BOI accounts while traveling. Super relevant--I don’t know if you’ve dealt with bank issues on a trip, but it’s definitely not fun.




The point of all this is to say geo-push notifications work for any industry because personalization and hyper-targeted messaging is what makes CTAs compelling for every app user. It’s not limited to industries with storefronts; it’s about adding value to your user’s lives, and reinforcing that your app is essential to making their day to day better.



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